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User Info: Project Mayhem

Project Mayhem
1 month ago#21
I’m a new guy myself and some of the best advice I have gotten was to use dead silence, engineer, and lightweight. I’m only good (I should be using the word decent) with the knife and one of the tips I got is to play to your weapon’s strengths. Those 3 perks I listed are essential to my weapon and playstyle but I also think they’re the best ones in the game. I also use cold blooded just to avoid specials. Another perk that is really useful is gun-ho. I only use that when I’m feeling saucy and I want to throw the tomahawk around but it’s great for guns.

Anyways, have fun with the game. I’m that guy you’re gonna farm online for kills. =)
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User Info: StraydoG

1 month ago#22
Have you given the SWAT a go? One of my favs since unlocking it. Almost got silencer but so far hybrid mags and high calibre is good. Iron sights are fine and its a headshot machine.

Sounds like I play similar to you. Dead silence is a must and ghost can be both good and bad so I have a class with and without.

Gung go helps alot if your running around and cold blooded isnt always helpful but other times its nice not having to deal with score streaks and shock drones/dogs etc.

Engineer helps with spotting equipment (when its not glitchy) and good if your carrying a launcher to quickly track planes. Bonus is I run uav, care pack, cuav so rerolls are nice and quite often playing hacker so know where to hurl those emps.

User Info: Moeperry

1 month ago#23
You're right in that dead silence is a must have, gung ho for 2nd (fits my playstyle best) but cold blooded isnt awful.

For perk 1, this is why I'm glad I run crash. I go with tac mask/flak jacket. You dont know how much you need these until you use them. Only thing tac mask is useless against is the seeker drone, still an insta kill if he's just around the corner.

Dont ever have to worry about grabbing another gun or running low on ammo with crash. I used lethal specialists for a long time, nomad, prophet especially. Would do engineer with uav, care package, and drone squad.

Sometimes youd get lucky and get a good streak from CP, while learning the game it was the only way for me to get decent streaks.

Using crash, having extra ammo and health, along with score really helped me push out of mediocrity. Now for streaks I go uav, attack chopper/thresher, strike team/gunship. At the very least I'll hit the second level of streaks.

I have a few suppressed setups I really like, vapr with suppressor, stock2. After the range buff I'm not sure if extended barrel is needed for vapr

Kn with suppressor, rapid fire, hybrid mags

You wanna get in close with the kn, irons are pretty good

Last one is pretty fun, hades crossbar, suppressor, rapid fire/hybrid mags.

Not great on every map but lots of fun
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User Info: Atomicsniper

1 month ago#24
Thank you again for tips^
I will try out all the above and decide what works best for me
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User Info: RaphaelBelmont

4 weeks ago#25
strife_37916 posted...
Atomicsniper posted...
strife_37916 posted...
I tend to run engineer instead of scavenger myself, no ghost but rock a launcher

Other than that and your weapon (I tend to go with the Auger) it's about what I use

The suppressor can be iffy at times but not horrible.

I felt like scavenger was necessary to not run out of ammo
I realize my accuracry is quite poor (20%), do you use crash or rely on crash for ammo refill, or do u grab someone’s gun when u run out?

I could lose ghost, and generally it’s the first to go when needing something else.

I’ll have to give the auger and engineer a try.

Thank you again, I’m just looking to improve a little and wanted to ensure I was at least headed in the right direction

Personally I bite off more than I can chew and will often die to a multiple enemy stomping.

But when I do run out of ammo I grab whatever is on the ground.

I use to run crash but now I go zero or outrider.

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User Info: strife_37916

4 weeks ago#26
For the most part she is

However I still use her

I dont need specialist weapons to get kills and the threat of an enemy zero seems to keep my opponents from launching big streaks.
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