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User Info: dillonthebunny

11 months ago#21
bmouse6 posted...
I am very familiar with Elite Dangerous, been playing it for quite some time, and it's one of my favourite games in the genre.

Ah, sorry then forgive me, i didn't think you had either. I gave up on ED, for the time being anyway, but if it's one of your favourite games then cool, i really wished I had the patents for it, waited so long to play it, and it was just so much harder than I expected.

I don't think it will be a problem with this game, only played 10 mins so far and yeah, chalk and fromage frais. Oh it's very good btw, thought I'd add that little point.
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User Info: bmouse6

11 months ago#22
No need for apologies, it's all good :)

Basically, I wanted to make sure if Everspace is more of an arcade game or a deep end sim like Elite.
While I might be interested in playing more spaceship games, I definitely don't want to hop into another serious long-term sim alongside with Elite.
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User Info: thenewjersey

10 months ago#23
buggins1974 posted...
bmouse6 posted...
BloodShotEye posted...

Would it kill you to be more specific?


FFS numbnuts, f***ing google it. This is single player only, roguelike. Not like that online only trash Elite. Can your little mind comprehend that?

Why would someone google something when there is a message board right here SPECIFICALLY for the the game and the purpose of sharing the information they are looking for??? It's funny you are acting like the other person is the f***ing idiot here...
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