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User Info: PLCD

8 years ago#1
Which first officer was the worst or did you like the least? - Results (183 votes)
Commander William T. Riker (TNG Enterprise)
3.83% (7 votes)
Lieutenant Commander Spock (TOS Enterprise)
0.55% (1 vote)
Subcommander T'Pol (NX Enterprise)
25.14% (46 votes)
Commander Chakotay (Voyager)
50.82% (93 votes)
Major Kira Nerys (Deep Space Nine)
15.3% (28 votes)
Lieutenant Commander Worf (Defiant)
4.37% (8 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Noticed that most of them only have one name. Hmmmm.
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User Info: Younger_Cloud

8 years ago#2
i reckon you could switch Chakotay with Tuvok as first officer and get away with it
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User Info: VividAxis

8 years ago#3
All of those were great characters. That's a hard choice. If I had to rank them T'Pol and Chakotay would be on the bottom of the list, but that's not saying they're bad in any way. Just less than the others.

T'Pol because we didn't get the chance to really learn who she was. (For one thing, in season 5 we were supposed to learn that she was part Romulan.) but that's no fault of her own. If she had twice the amount of time to develop her character, like all of the others did, I'm sure we'd like her a lot more. You can't deny that she was both sexy and played the role of a Vulcan well.

I never really made a connection with Chakotay. He was just sort of there as a placeholder. Though he interacted with people, he always felt distant from the rest of the crew. He didn't have deep involvements with anyone; even the Seska stuff felt plastic. The whole Native American culture thing was out of place, especially being in the very distant future. I know a lot of people now who are descended from Native Americans, in fact I have some of that blood myself, but no one gets an overbearing facial tattoo because of it. What the.

User Info: PotHeadDog

8 years ago#4
You never really felt any authority coming from Chakotay.
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User Info: 1337_FF_GoD

8 years ago#5
Chakotay was one of the least developed characters in the franchise.
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User Info: Sir Will

Sir Will
8 years ago#6
Yeah. But then Hoshi and Travis came along and got the title.
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User Info: 1337_FF_GoD

8 years ago#7
From: Sir Will | #006
Yeah. But then Hoshi and Travis came along and got the title.

Travis? Who's Travis?
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User Info: SinisterSlay

8 years ago#8
I have to go Riker, nearly every time he was in charge, the Enterprise was defeated in battle.
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User Info: Stone_Magnet

8 years ago#9
I went with Riker, he just comes off as a d-bag to me more often than not. Plus he's surrounded by much better characters (PIcard, Worf, Data, LaForge, etc.) which makes him seem worse by comparison.

User Info: Lord_KronosIII

8 years ago#10
How can Chakotey be in the lead? He is a likeable and I just love how he stands up to Janeway when she goes crazy, like in the Equinox or when Janeway sided with the Borg in Scorpion.

T'pol on the other hand is just awful. Terrible actress. She may have a nice body, but her acting skills are just pathetic. She shows emotion in every episode which is crazy considering she is supposed to be a Vulcan.

The rest are obviously awesome...
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