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User Info: CSUM

1 year ago#1
Can someone please create a guide on how to complete this puzzle:
How do I connect the blue line?
What does the grey keycard do?

User Info: Arbiterlone

1 year ago#2
I have finally found solution
Connect the blue line from the red Room
Ignore the bottom left room it is a decoy
Picture the rooms as this
1 2 3
4. 5
6 7 8
9 10 11
The line is unbroken from 5, 3,2,7,6,4,1
You will receive an empty capsule for your trouble
Fill it with light from room 5 charge the console twice with it(after you have placed the blue key in you can insert the capsule , beware the monster, when you have charged the capsule twice you can charge it again,stick it in a hole in the ceiling and then flee so the monster follows, look back into the room you just left and shoot the capsule with your gun to blow up the monster, then use his hand to flee
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