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User Info: NeoBowser

4 weeks ago#11
I'm feeling myself, I'm feeling myself, I'm feeling my feeling my'

User Info: Buggy420

4 weeks ago#12
Just got to Level 26 last night.
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User Info: Magmasta

4 weeks ago#13

I grind for frenzies a lot on ranked cups

I'm going to get demolished on mario rank cup because no free trial metal mario and no kimono peach.

So, I have to break like 8 to 9k on yoshi circuit lol
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User Info: packattack

4 weeks ago#14
FolkenRawr posted...
20. I had today (and tomorrow) off, spent a decent chunk of time grinding out 19.2->20. Mega pain in the ass. I'm not expecting to hit 30 any time soon, Challenge be damned.

Edit: @packattack what are your finishing bonuses?

1st place on 150 and 200cc is 3940. 1st on 100cc is 3740. 1st on 50cc is 3540. The increases have been just 20 points eery rank up for a while now (with the exception of 40 on one of the ranks I think). The main reward for leveling up now is the rubies and coins. I tend to finish 1st probably 90+% of the time on 200cc on most courses, but some are more annoying to grind than others.

User Info: Ganiam

4 weeks ago#15
Lv25 here

Made it to first place on every ranked cup so far but tier 10 is where I’ll likely have to settle for a lower position
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User Info: Fiop

4 weeks ago#16
I'm at 13. Besides the last two cups of this tour which I haven't started, I have 5 *s on everything that's not a Tokyo blur variant, and I have 4 *'s on those. Probably not grinding as much as other folks.
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User Info: lars708

4 weeks ago#17
Level 47 atm
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