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User Info: Buggy420

4 weeks ago#11
I could have gone a LOT longer before seeing Yoshi Circuit again. Ugh! They should have picked a cup with Rainbow Road!
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User Info: NeoBowser

4 weeks ago#12
so without kinono peach ur screwed
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User Info: packattack

4 weeks ago#13
How are you guys and gals doing in this ranked cup so far? I'm in 1st at the moment with 27,066. 2nd is 23,049. I only tried these courses a few times and haven't even tried to improve Tokyo since my first completion. I think I had a couple frenzies on Mario Circuit and Yoshi Circuit and have 10k on both of those courses.
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User Info: NeoBowser

4 weeks ago#14
19,9k. wanna make it 21 then quit
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User Info: Magmasta

4 weeks ago#15
Don't even have 17k lol

You need metal mario or gg to you this cup

I struggle to even break 7k on yoshi circuit, and that other course I won't mention.

oh well, maybe I can go up 2 tiers at least if I get frenzy luck on yoshi circuit one day.
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User Info: inviso87

3 weeks ago#16
24,132 right now. Blur is my death again b/c no characters or anything that are good for it.
8,707 MC 2R
9,717 YC
5,708 TB R :(

In 1st tho by almost 4,000 pts, so that's fine with me. Also noticed you get more rubies for 1st place if you win in tier 7.
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User Info: Fiop

3 weeks ago#17
I'm at 15.7k right now in 4th place in tier 7. I won the first week, didn't place the second and won the third. In this one, I'm pretty sure I could overtake 3rd, who's only ahead by 1k but don't think I can catch 1st and 2nd. However, not sure if I actually want to overtake 3rd. That would put me in tier 10 ahead at the end. It might be worth hanging back where I am now and going to tier 9 instead. There I would be "off cycle" and at least face people who've not come in top 3 some weeks. Then if I come in 1st that week, I'll go up three tiers to tier 12 and again face people who've not been top 3 before.

Not sure if this is actually the best strategy but sacrificing a few gems and coins now could pay off in the end.
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User Info: Ganiam

3 weeks ago#18
Just hit 28,132 on this week’s ranked cup

Mario Circuit: 9,636
Yoshi Circuit: 12,293
Tokyo Blur: 6,203

I literally have no top tier anything for Tokyo Blur so I just gave up on it lol
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User Info: NeoBowser

3 weeks ago#19
im at 5.9k with tokyo blur. i (halfway) drained the course but its not gonna get much better than this.

i have 9k on yoshi, its gonna be hard to top it.

but im second so please dear god let me stay there
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User Info: Asternex

3 weeks ago#20
I'm barely ahead by around 150 points. I'm just a bit over 20k. Third place and below are under 20k. I'm just glad the rest of the players in my rank aren't as good as most of you with your crazy high scores XD
My Tokio Blur score is around 5.2k and there has been no way for me to improve it.
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