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User Info: AntMan100673

1 month ago#21
Ant: 0107-0846-8463

User Info: Bejita

1 month ago#22
Mcgee - 5399 8146 1691
3DS FC - 0576 7519 1949

User Info: Oxbridge

1 month ago#23

Sent requests to the 2 users above me
Congratulations to Advokaiser, the Guru champion for the 2017 Best Year in Gaming contest.

User Info: Emolga59

1 month ago#24
Emolga59- 5184 9304 4250
FC: 5129-4874-4160 FC Name: ozzi Mayor of Crystal Emolga59
(message deleted)

User Info: Noxus_is_cool

1 month ago#26
Harry 5451 9085 9570

Have added everyone in this thread.
No sig necessary.

User Info: AskDNA21

1 month ago#27
Minsanity - 7200 7092 4567

Please feel free to add me!

User Info: MidMorningSol

1 month ago#28
Roster Update 10/08/2019 Ah! Already slacking. My bad y'all. Well here's the new list as promised. Looking nice and healthy.

MidMorninSol: 5161-8267-4615 Full List. Can't accept anymore. I keep telling the new posters this and I feel bad for those who try to add me. I have to reject you immediately.
Snorch345: 7825-8247-1568
Jeff: 3293-4543-0895
Tooner: 4503-324-02932
blueblur98: 9071-0823-4609
Gf: 4052-0757-8734
Skar: 5701-9998-5840
Javier: 0635-5225-4256
NeoStar101: 8369-9022-4087
Jay: 3968-8785-6497
LCA: 4771-5339-3117
Daniel: 8298-4789-6783
Alvinho: 0102-1885-0532
Pony: 5426-8236-1490
GalVintron: 0588-7843-2477
Phill: 1742-2897-5344
Dai: 3995-3060-2496
Ant: 0107-0846-8463
Mcgee: 5399-8146-1691
Emolga59- 5184 9304 4250
Harry: 5451-9085-9570
Minsanity: 7200-7092-4567

Issues with some posts:
@GangstaFarma Your FC is incomplete.
@Oxbridge Is your IGN the same as your username? You didn't put it next to your FC. Please let me know.
Sanaki, M!Grima, Khrom, B!Ike, NS!Xander, Tailtiu, OG!Micaiah, Ophelia, Lene, Nanna, Kaden, Yune, Sp!Camilla, OG!Laegarn, WT!Olwen, Sumia, Thea
FEH: 7423243439

User Info: Magmasta

1 month ago#29
Magmasta 808489821784

btw, you can copy paste codes ,in case anyone doesn't know
Bowser is a Tarasque and Magmar is a legend
(edited 1 month ago)

User Info: Asternex

1 month ago#30
Aster 975477030455
Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus
FFBE: 667 167 827 | Mario Maker 2 ID: TXB-022-6HF
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