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User Info: MidMorningSol

1 month ago#1
Wanted to make this topic as a definite source to get friend codes from the users here.

I'll update this at a minimum on a weekly basis (Starting today and every Monday). Sometimes more than that if I can spare the time. Here you can post your friend code, update if your friends list is full and want me to note that, update if you change your name and just to make it easy for folks to copy/paste friend code without having to scroll through numerous pages.

Thanks to @mistamowf for informing that the maximum cap for Friends is 50. So folks if you want me to add you please follow the format and keep chatter to a minimum to make it easy for me to make updates.

Posting Format
In-Game Name: Friend Code
(It would be nice if you can type the FC just as it is displayed in the game but if you can't, I'll format it for you.)

Roster (Updated 09-30-2019)
Sanaki, M!Grima, Khrom, B!Ike, NS!Xander, Tailtiu, OG!Micaiah, Ophelia, Lene, Nanna, Kaden, Yune, Sp!Camilla, OG!Laegarn, WT!Olwen, Sumia, Thea
FEH: 7423243439

User Info: Snorchachew123

1 month ago#2
Snorch345: 7825 8247 1568
3DS FC (1118 - 0727 - 5608)

User Info: _Mewtwo_Shadow_

1 month ago#3
Jeff: 329345430895
https://youtu.be/lZ9AMhZbE3s, https://youtu.be/incCWaOW5HE, https://youtu.be/ZGexdgTORAU, Switch Friend Code: SW-3374-7805-7795

User Info: -Tooner-

1 month ago#4

User Info: blueblur98

1 month ago#5
blueblur98: 9071-0823-4609
official sonic of the SSBU board!
PSN: blue_blur_98, NNID: blueblurPLAY (PM me before sending a request so i know it's you.)

User Info: GFW

1 month ago#6
Gf: 4052-0757-8734
No signature required. >_>
(edited 1 month ago)

User Info: ExcaliburOwner

1 month ago#7
Skar: 5701 9998 5840
New 3DS FC: 1306 6855 8912
Playing: Bravely Second

User Info: cris1ussen

1 month ago#8
Javier: 0635 5225 4256
AC:NL Dream code (updated version): 4F00-000F-4F10

User Info: NeoStar101

1 month ago#9
NeoStar101: 8369 9022 4087
3DS FC: 2766-8170-9292

User Info: Jayarha

1 month ago#10
Jay 396887856497
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