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  3. what's the best way to get statisticians and armsmasters in Disgaea 1 complete?

User Info: Tnasty11

1 month ago#1
to max level help
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User Info: aces4839

1 month ago#2
Keep buying items from the shop with good counts for each. It may be worth your while to try to find equipment with more than one on a single weapon or armor. It can speed up the process some after combining the two before subduing them in the Item World. Max for Statistician is 900 and max for Armsmaster is 1900.
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User Info: PainAmplifier

1 month ago#3
There only way to get a consistently high level innocent is to buy the highest rank item with one or more of them from the Rosenqueen shop. Armor shop has more of the Statisticians on items than the Weapon shop IIRC.

And despite the low quantity of each even at a high rank, the key thing is to subdue them *quickly*. That means have a good team with 1-2 high Move runners, a couple of good throwers, a Fist user to move the guardian and a mage to zap them when they can't be moved.

You basically want to scan the level for the innocents prioritize getting a mage or strong character over to them ASAP to kill it before the normal mobs do. Or just plain rush to the next gate if there are no innocents. As soon as you kill it, either burn a Gency to exit if you are <5 levels in or rush to the next 10th floor for a free exit if >5. If the gate level is small farm it for a gency if you are running low.

If you don't get the correct innocent, kill it anyway and keep going until you do.

A large number of levels will be small enough that a single throw+move will be enough to get to the exit. The small ones won't be a problem and the biggest ones can usually be done in 2-3 turns if you have a good mover and throw them from the base.

Also keep in mind you only need one full set of the two innocents. Stick them on a 'leveling' item and pass that around as needed. You won't ever need more statisicians than that. Although having enough armsmasters to give some to everyone even when not power leveling is nice, it's not nice enough to get me to grind more of them...but I will subdue them if they are on an item I am clearing the other off of.
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  3. what's the best way to get statisticians and armsmasters in Disgaea 1 complete?