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User Info: Alukard1

2 months ago#1
Hello dooood !

I'm into a new run and still don't understand/know a few things :D

- Is it normal that the Prinny class has only 5 tiers and not 6 ? ( Prinny God is the last one ? )

- I've the Platine trophy, etc but still missing 2-3 songs in the Music shop, there are related to different Endings ?

- What is your max ATK stat ? someone took the time to store the 186.000 lvls for one character ? lol

- I played D1 in 2003 and I don't remember if we can only have one Hyperdrive per game file/save ?

- I want to make a powerful "magic character" ( have already a maxed Omniscient Rod ) In your opinion what is the best class for that ?

Thanks a lot :-)


User Info: aces4839

2 months ago#2
1. Yes, the Prinny class does only have 5 tiers in this game.

2. You'll need to kill your own allies to get access to the story ending for the current playthrough. It requires winning the battle then when prompted to make a choice, kill whoever's on the screen to trigger the ending's song. There's one for Hoggmeiser and one for Maderas as well. Lastly, lose to Mid-Boss to trigger his ending.

3. My max ATK stat from my Divine Majin was nearly 5 million without Braveheart.

4. Dunno.

5. Either a Skull/Mage or Majin. The Majin would have to learn magic skills from its apprentices though.
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User Info: Darklit_Minuet

2 months ago#3
You also have the Celestial Host class for magic

User Info: Alukard1

2 months ago#4
Thanks for the answer regarding the endinds ! :D

Ok for the rest ( indeed the Majin is so broken that he can do everything haha.... )
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