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User Info: PainAmplifier

3 months ago#11
Ha, had some fun(?) earlier today mining the bonus gauge. I was able to double Geo to get within 2, but the enemy was mobile so couldn't do my usual magic sniping. I ended up using a low level thief, which I originally created just for the Cave of Ordeals map where you need two of them to throw across the gap, and my healer who I buffed up with Tera Magic and reincarnation previously. The thief would attack the enemy and the healer would Omega heal all three of us including the enemy until I managed to get enough Bonus to get the item I was trying for.

aces4839 posted...
First, yes, Adell still has his Vulcan Blaze although he can only equip monster weapons. That's not gonna make him very helpful to grind more levels for the extra stats. My 9999 Surt took care of the Item God 2, the Hyperdrive and the all EX bosses trophies and I finished Etna Mode last night so all I have left is the 10 million damage trophy. Guess I'll put in the work for the damage. I have matching rarity robo suits at the least. I still don't have the Majin class unlocked though.

I got the EX trophy as well, and it was actually a bit of a let down. Now if the game had forced you to fight Zetta on max enemy strength it would be one thing...but finding out you could do him under weakest enemies strength is a bit of a let down. My L6000 Laharl with fully leveled Yos***suna, Infernal Armor, Accelerator and Arcadia basically solo'd him in about 4 rounds with minimal damage. Ditto for Baal and Prinny Baal. I have the Hyperdrive and the 10M damage trophy left as well. I would like to do a God Hand, but I have yet to find a Legendary. I think I have all the others though now. I may go for a Stave since I do have the Legendary Galactic wand, and use my second Yos***una for the Hyperdrive. I think that may give enough to combo for the 10M trophy. Oddly enough after checking I still have the Transmigration trophy yet. Seems I was a bit more conservative in that this time around and still need a few more for that one.

I agree that making Adell a Monster weapon user kinda gimps him. But they did the same thing to quite a few other special characters, few of which made any sense. Annoying and stupid considering most of them used a weapon in their first appearance.

I'm actually kind suprised you don't have a Majin yet. The characters you need only need to be L200, which can be easily done with the first map on Celestia with only minimal grinding, even on weakest enemies. I found the Angel was actually harder to get due to the need to unlock archer by raising bow skills. Something I had to put effort into at first, as I had Flonne go Stave instead of Bow early on.

Then again, considering how I almost entirely solo'd the endgame with Laharl, whereas the first time I played the game on the PS2 I had pretty much one of every character including the monsters made and up to at least L200, this time I'm practically speed running it, so I can't say it's that odd of a thing not to have one at this time. It's not like they are that necessary either.

Although despite the OP'ness of the Majin and his improved look, I still prefer Larharl and my Thief over him...
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User Info: Alukard1

3 months ago#12
It will be easy for you :-) just equip the created characters with your SRS and go to DemonHall Mirror to do the job, Majin will be unlocked in 20min :-)

User Info: Alukard1

3 months ago#13
This game is already fairly easy and with the Majin it's a joke....use it at your own risk lol

User Info: aces4839

3 months ago#14
I unlocked the angel class during my Hyperdrive run thanks to the EXP+'s in the bonus guage. All generics for Majin are also over level 100.
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