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4 months ago #7
Sadly I've run into things like that as well.

Item 3/4 down the Gauge, Do a full Geo Chain, only get 3 bars. Bring out my Scout, Use Geo Change...end up with a no Geo map.

Going to trigger a Geo Chain, accidentally step on the Gate.

Going to attack an enemy, accidentally kill the Geo instead. (WHY!? Do Geo's have priority as targets, but are at the bottom of the 'Character' list???) I keep doing this especially when it looks like I am not near the Geo, but it actually is, due to the camera angle.

A few times when I am only 1-2 bars away, I can bring out some scrub mages and plink them for bonus gauge...but it takes forever and I can't be bothered for anything that's more than that due to how long it takes. I know I've done a Bow combo in other games to build gauge with newbie characters, but I don't think the bonus goes up that fast in this one. Or is it the Scout/Thief in this one?

Although Considering I managed to pick up another one earlier I'm actually not doing too bad now. I have 100% commons and around 70% rares already. I even have 100% of all Orbs and belts without even trying as well.

I leveled a Infernal Armor finding a Nirvana, before realizing I had one already equipped on another character. Doh! Working the Yos***suna right now, then probably the Hyperdrive. Oh, and I can confirm that beating item god 2 in one item and then doing 1-100 in a lowbie item (Legendary Leather Armor) definately doesn't get you the Hyperdrive. =P

All that said, this is still probably the easiest game to get all the R40's in. Not only are R39's in the shop, but it's not that hard to get strong enough to kill the Item Gods.
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