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User Info: bodyjam_3

8 months ago#1
You having trouble connecting? - Results (117 votes)
Yes, no activity
82.91% (97 votes)
Nope, all is good
17.09% (20 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I loaded 4 different characters and nothing.

User Info: Evil_Sandwich

8 months ago#2
Yep. Lol @ this new patch. Seems like they have completely broken the game instead of fixing it.

Both my characters used to get instant invasions. Now? Nothing...

User Info: Artgon

8 months ago#3
Yea Ive had some problems.

User Info: vegetassj3421

8 months ago#4
EST 2:44am can't create session it says.

User Info: Gixen

8 months ago#5
I'm usually just getting kicked out of the server.

If i'm not; "matchmaking failed" is more common lately.
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User Info: gunnm2

8 months ago#6
Yep, nothing at all. Its like a ghost town.
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User Info: XHollowIchigoX

8 months ago#7
Wow, started a new thread because I thought I was the only one.

Glad to see it’s not just me. They need to fix this ASAP
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User Info: Nighthound101

8 months ago#8
I think it might be PSN cause MHW was down for me when I tried it about an hour ago.

User Info: JakeBhammer

8 months ago#9
I have ten characters from SL 37-135, I can’t say I get no activity...but, compared to before the patch, something is definitely off. Places that used to be constant invasions are slow and other places are completely dead after an invasion or two.

So either the majority of people moved on or something is f***ed with matchmaking...

User Info: bodyjam_3

8 months ago#10
This will be bad for DSR if they dont fix
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