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User Info: Jonbodhi

8 months ago#1
I've played Bloodborne, recently finished Dark Souls Remastered, and I'm now in the middle of Dark Souls 3. I skipped 2 because I'd heard so much that was negative about it, especially since the director of 1 & 3 didn't participate. Now, deep into 3, I'm wondering if I missed anything. Normally when I see threads like this, I think: 'just see for yourself you sheep!' But these are long, long games. I'd like some feedback. before I commit to yet another 100 hour game.
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User Info: Connor4576

8 months ago#2
DS2 is a good game, if you can ignore the haters.
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User Info: Big_Bawss

8 months ago#3
It's a good game period, it's just generally not considered as good as 1 or 3. It's an easy recommendation for anyone who likes Souls games.

User Info: Adam_Ocelot

8 months ago#4
Give it a shot, no reason not to.

I enjoyed (and still enjoy) it.
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User Info: EnemyWithin88

8 months ago#5
Ds2 f***ing rules. Even more so if your just in it for single player
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User Info: vegetassj3421

8 months ago#6
You should it's a Souls game. Not the best but the DLC alone is worth it. Also go play Demon Souls. It's better than all of them IMO.

User Info: kenff6

8 months ago#7
How deep are you into 3? Balls deep?

User Info: Xethuminra

8 months ago#8
"Is this the game for me?"

* (most) Mobs now mysteriously disappear after being killed several times
* Bonfire Ascetic allows you to revive area enemies and fight the boss again
* "Hollowing" works by slowly widdling down your health as your char zombifies
* Several key items and puzzles with Pharos Lockstones, Branches of Yore; and more
* Monsterous design in the hollow-faced "Watchers" and areas like Majula's gutter well
* Peculiar and strange story tracing the origins of "Things Betwixt" to certain malformed lifeforms.
* View multiple bloodstain-specters of dead players at once to see several different people die on screen!!
* Amazing level design in areas like Heide's Tower of Flame, Shulva's Sunken City, with great names to boot!!
* Beautiful intro cinematic, Sleeping lore of Bloodborne to be awakened, go around lighting torches and beheading statues!!

It's an amazing game! The rocks are so nice! The trees too! Forest-Fortress of Fallen Giants is grand! Grand Cathedral <3 Hunstman's Blood!

User Info: culchulach

8 months ago#9
In brief ...
The truth is ... that dark souls 1 was insanely beloved ... for good reason ... it very well could be the goat. Dark Souls 2 was not as good in many ways (art, enemies, world design ... and on and on) and disappointed many fanboys at launch ... thus the hatred. But ... it also did many, many good, new and interesting things (weapon, playstyle and build variety, pvp upgrades and more) but disappointing fanboys can be a tricky thing ... so the hate sticks ...

But let's go beyond launch ... The DLCs were exceptionally good. Then PS4 and sotfs arrived which contained all the DLCs as well as changes and new content. This package ... Sotfs ... is arguably the most epic souls experience that exists. As a lover of souls you must experience it!

User Info: Xethuminra

8 months ago#10
Go beyond the end

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