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Snazzy21 3 years ago#1
I've never bothered with a faith build in DS1. Is it worth it? I was thinking of using Ornstines (sp?) Spear cos it starts with B Dex and faith scaling.
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Death_Born 3 years ago#2
It's definitely worth doing, but the spear is not actually a faith weapon. The faith scaling is only for the lightning blast, and you won't have enough stats to put into faith while also leveling str/dex unless you're a high level.

I recommend starting with Astora's Straight Sword (the dragon shield's handy too) and only leveling faith so that you can get the Lightning Spear miracle fast. Then once you get green titanite and the Divine Ember you can swap to your own faith based weapon (Uchi or Balder Swag Sword are solid). If you have balls you can beat Pinwheel and go down to tomb of the giants to grind some white titanite even before you get the Lordvessel, assuming you know how to get back up. Then it's your choice whether to get Large Divine Ember or Occult Ember, but Occult is way better.

With Remastered doing a Darkmoon Blade build is viable again so you might just want to go the dex faith route if you plan on doing a lot of Darkmoon PVP which is easier weapon wise.
Snazzy21 3 years ago#3
Cheers, maybe I'll do one after a Moonlight Great Sword build.
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Sickgenocide 3 years ago#4
I've been doing faith builds exclusively since demons souls and dark souls 1 is by far my favorite for faith builds. Strength Faith is a good option. 27 strength, 10 Dex, divine Man serpeant great sword, occult or divine zweihander and Claymore.

The crescent axe is also a pretty decent faith weapon and I've had a lot of experience slaying back stab fishers with it's two handed R1. 27 strength 8 Dex and 50 faith is one of my personal favorites. I keep the Mace and rush it to divine route until I get the man serpeant great sword then make that occult and trade off between that and a occult large club.

Min/max 18 strength, 12 dex and 50 faith is my second favorite. I usually rush to get the crescent axe by Killing patches in the catacombs then use that as my primary weapon since it can be leveled with twinkling. At 50 faith, it has a 484 AR and a good R1 wide swing for those back stab fishers. A very moddest weapon that very few people use.

Before the stunlock and attack speed got patched in 2012, the occult/Divine Mace was an absolute power house in PvP. It's still a really good faith scaling weapon though I do prefer to use the crescent axe these days.

Two handed Divine zweihander is a very viable weapon, since ya know... Zweihander and all.

On a strength Faith build, 27 strength, two handed +15 man serpeant great sword buffed by Darkmoon blade or lightning blade at 50 faith gives crazy good AR. I advise against relying on buffable weapons in PvP if you go up against someone that knows what they are doing. Can't freely buff as much in this game as dark souls 3 since the number of casts and all.
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Snazzy21 3 years ago#5
Cheers that's good info. What about Gram from the invader before Nito?
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