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  3. they need to fix the audio issue immediately

User Info: Typhlax

10 months ago#1
literally unacceptable to be putting out a product with this glaring of an issue especially when the sound design is integral to the atmosphere of the game
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User Info: LordKramNhoj

10 months ago#2
Yeah I’m really banking on it being addressed in a day one patch. It’s not a dealbreaker for me, but it definitely dampens the experience. Although to be fair, I didn’t realize what was off about the sound until I saw someone talking about it after the network test, but I had been trying to figure out what was different.
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User Info: Thor_Stone

10 months ago#3
What's the issue? Is there a video comparing how it's supposed to sound?

User Info: spikerules1

10 months ago#4
What’s up with the audio? Are they seriously releasing a game THIS LATE with major issues still? Morons... I’ll see for myself in a few hours how badly they’ve screwed up.
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User Info: JBstonecold

10 months ago#5
I always play portable and during the Network test I wore headphones. I didn't detect anything off but you guys should explain so we know what you're talking about.

User Info: Typhlax

10 months ago#6

basically heavy compression issues
PSN: Ignizoa, GT: Pyroskank, 3DS FC: 5429-7299-3623

User Info: JBstonecold

10 months ago#7
I could see this getting a patch but there's never any guarantees. Like I said earlier, I play with headphones and so I'm not going to get a stunning audio experience anyway and I don't care about the audio too much as long as its not something I notice or get distracted by and neither of those is happening to me, at least not during the network test.

User Info: acoustiphile

10 months ago#8
This is such a petty nitpick. 11/10.
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User Info: Zeidantu

10 months ago#9
I'll admit, I have a terrible ear when it comes to sound. I think it drives people nuts if they have a good musical ear, because the quality of my music files is probably worse than it could be. But I don't hear a drastic difference in those sounds. They sound different, but not necessarily better or worse, and it's hard for me to really pinpoint what the problem is.

Again, that's probably the fault of my ears. I know there are people who have a much better attunement to these things, and this probably drives them crazy.

User Info: Blaze1st

10 months ago#10
Alternative audio/video compression techniques have always been an aspect of cartridge releases.

Yes it might sound a bit different but no it's not an issue provided the audio doesn't lag.
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  3. they need to fix the audio issue immediately
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