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  3. So this is THE best version? Just get it on Switch?

User Info: Waruldo

3 months ago#1
I borrowed a Wii U recently but getting a Switch soon, I am a massive Warriors fans and like Legend of Zelda too. But skipped the Wii U until now.

So should I just get this version when I get the Nintendo Switch?

User Info: ViniciusFernand

3 months ago#2
Yes, the switch version is the best one by far. It comes with all the DLC ((even the ones WiiU didn't get), new costumes (only two, but hey more costumes), tweaks to difficulty and My fairies ((now in 3D).

User Info: SmokeRulz

3 months ago#3
Yes and it's not even an argument. This is basically an updated port of the 3DS version, with none of the 3DS's limitations, and with the missing stuff from Wii U added back in. It has at least triple the amount of content the Wii U version did, with no DLC to buy, and plays way better than either.

User Info: Tables

3 months ago#4
By and large, yes. Unfortunately it's the most buggy version as well as most complete, with game crashes being relatively common and other minor bugs existing where there were none in earlier versions. But overall if you were going to get one version, HW:DE is by far the most complete. It might be a lazy port overall, but that still makes it better than HWL for right now.
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User Info: Windwakers

3 months ago#5
Yes, I enjoyed the Wii U version quite a bit and this one is even better!

User Info: Zanthion

3 months ago#6
After having finally gotten a Switch and this version of the game (I played the mess out of the Wii U game, but didn't bother with the 3DS one), I can say the only real problem with Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition is that there's almost too much stuff! There's at least triple the amount of content in the game now than there was when it first came out four years ago. It's gonna take forever to unlock everything.

User Info: Alfieri_x

3 months ago#7
Switch version by far. I stopped playing the WiiU version because the lack of content that was later released on the 3DS version discouraged me from completing it. However, in the distant future I may return to the WiiU version, because adventure maps are way more challenging than any other version.
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User Info: ChocoboMog123

3 months ago#8
Although it definitely has the most features, and comes with them by default, there could be some arguments for balance. The WiiU version has some moments that are generally too hard (die in two hits, lose A rank in one), this one has many moments that are too easy (totally ignore taking damage, still get an A). But the difficulty does ramp up.
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User Info: FalconPain

3 months ago#9
Literally the only two things I can think of that the WiiU version did better than the Switch version are complete non-factors for me at this point.
Full screen two-player support thanks to the Gamepad, and better handling of closeups of character models, which were only useful back when there was a Miiverse.
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User Info: kaushik20

3 months ago#10
Yes, the Switch is the best version overall because it has all the content of Wii U and Legends, plus certain quality of life improvements like the Item Shop, modified damage requirements for A-ranks, increased weapon inventory, and decreased rupee costs in the Bazaar that dramatically streamline the experience for the better.
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