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  3. Most annoying type battles on adventure mode?

User Info: Goosio

5 months ago#1
For me it's the quiz ones.

You know the answers...but....
Character A makes you switch to them when you are killing the right answer and you kill the wrong one, or in the case of some you will fighting 2 powerful characters (let's say Ganondorf and Wizzro and they both overpower you-Wizzro is one character I have had the most annoying time with due to his attack)
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User Info: ViniciusFernand

5 months ago#2
I like the Quiz one, unless I have to use Agitha or Ruto.

I can't stad the ones with the traitors, or the ones where you have to ptoect the keeps, and they have very little life.

User Info: yzman

5 months ago#3
Stop the traitor forces! Or whatever they are called.

Those are so annoying.
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User Info: SapphireSkull

5 months ago#4
I admit, sometimes I don't know the answers LOL. They throw tricky questions at you sometimes! One quiz has the question: "One who soars with the cuccos" the two warriors were Linkle and Medli.....I decided to kill Linkle since the statement included "cuccos" in it, which seemed too specific, and Linkle is known to be friends with the cuccos. WRONG, I was suppose to take it literally and kill Medli hahaha.

Overall I don't mind these missions for the sole fact that they are shorter than the average mission, but some of those questions are BS. My least favorite are the traitor ones and the "Defeat the final boss!" ones due to being long and nothing too special.

User Info: Goosio

5 months ago#5
Well the traitor ones are annoying but they have not messed up me getting a A rank like the question ones have-only due to me accidentally getting the wrong one or 2 overpowered enemies.
The final boss ones can be annoying (Some of those I wish the time limit was over 15 minutes), attacks are devastating can be annoying ones at times, there are a couple others that I can't think of off the top of my head.
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User Info: snake_5036

5 months ago#6
Defeat enemies and traitors alike!

Any character restricted mission with a character I hate using.

Rescue the allied forces on a square in lorule or grand travels in the earth/wind temple where there's 5-6 captains ganging up on one character forcing you to reach that ally much, much faster than you need to in any other "rescue the allied forces" mission. All the other rescue missions are fine.

Don't Get Hit!

Learn the Key to a Balanced Attack! AKA even if you hit all enemies at the same time, they recover health because we only want you to use focus spirit or special attacks and nothing else har har har har

I don't like the constant whining from allies and "Danger!" notification sounds in the missions where allies fleeing boosts morale for the enemies, but I don't find those mission types to be bad. Just the constant dinging of notifications and filling up the notification bar.
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User Info: Goosio

5 months ago#7
Okay I have just done mainly the first 2 maps and the Twilight Princess one. I just did a traitor one that was annoying though (then again it was on the final map of Windwaker-which is one layout that is confusing and I'm not familiar with as I only played the final stage once, though Link being at level 87 does help, yeah he is way above most other ones)
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User Info: TheePieMan

5 months ago#8
I just dislike any mission with the imprisoned in it, that boss feels tankier than the others, and the whole "damages you with each step unless you dodge" makes fighting it incredibly annoying. I disliked it in Skyward sword, and I really don't like it here.
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User Info: Goosio

5 months ago#9
Yeah the imprisoned are very annoying I do agree.
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User Info: Laugh_Lover

5 months ago#10
TheePieMan posted...
I just dislike any mission with the imprisoned in it, that boss feels tankier than the others
For the record, it actually it, the Imprisoned literally has double the health of other giant bosses.
In terms of 'how many weakest fairy magic attacks an enemy can survive', every other boss takes 40 to take down, whereas the Imprisoned takes 80.
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