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User Info: bcornelia

8 months ago#11
I can see why this would be a novel first impression of the game, but you absolutely made the right choice by dialing it back to Normal.
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User Info: Agent_Stroud

8 months ago#12
FairyDragon29 posted...
... They give you 59:59 to get the job done.

But hey, Adventure Mode you'll love!

Clear the mission within 14:59 or you'll lose the A rank, thus losing the reward. Also KO 1600 minimum and take under 150% damage. In Legends & HW, this was not fun, even though 1200 was the A rank requirement back then.

I haven’t had much trouble getting A ranks for most of the Adventure Mode maps I’ve played so far, though a handful such as the giant boss challenge map with the two Argoroks and the Manhandla are proving to be a real pain in the ass to complete, much less get perfect scores on. However, I figure I’m a bit underleveled for those maps, so I’m tackling other maps first.
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