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User Info: Phadin

8 months ago#1
So I never played Legends version, I got to this guy, and he was utterly untouchable. Nothing I did seemed to be able to down him. All he did was float around, swing at Cia, lauch a cluster of slow moving purple Cia-seeking balls, or duplicate himself and slash. I tried hitting the duplicates, actually got it right once I think, but never was able to down him or get the weak point exposed. Eventually, Cia's health ran out and I lost. It seemed like there was nothing I could do. How do you win?

User Info: SmokeRulz

8 months ago#2
Get his attention focused on you and avoid his attacks. Wait for him to throw the white energy ball at you, and then play tennis with him for a moment until it hits him and brings him down, exposing his WPG. I believe it's also possible to knock back the purple energy orbs if he fires them at you, but you'll need to hit at least three of them.

When he's at half health or below, he changes tactics, pulling out a second sword and using a new flurry of annoying attacks. You're supposed to hit him from the back here, which can be done in a few ways involving dodge rolling behind him when he performs certain attacks. Or, assuming they didn't fix a cute little exploit from Legends, the much easier way is: Run right up to him and throw bombs at his face. The explosions will strike the hitbox on his back and bring him to his knees for more WPG fun.

User Info: bcornelia

8 months ago#3
It's been ages since I played Legends, so I can't remember how to normally open up his weak point gauge.

That said I hope you know that, when using a special attack while focus mode is activated, you will automatically open up any given boss' weak point gauge. So if you have a handful of controllable characters surrounding a boss, they can all potentially get the team-up bonus that fills their focus meters. This essentially gives multiple free shots at that weak point gauge without the typical fuss.

I used this to brute-force a Helmaroc King in the great sea adventure map prior to earning the hammer subweapon in story mode.
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User Info: FireBall2645

8 months ago#4
In his first phase (1 Sword) use Focus Spirit to force his WPG. In his second phase l (2 Swords) throw bombs at him whenever he isn’t doing the tornado spin for the WPG to show up instantly.
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User Info: Blayshy

8 months ago#5
His back is pretty weak too.
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User Info: Phadin

8 months ago#7
I did get all four characters ther, just CIA was far too weak by then. I'll try again, thanks.

User Info: TanookiToad

8 months ago#8
Can anyone confirm if the bomb exploit still works in DE?
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