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User Info: Spacerodan

10 months ago#1
Used Shade all the time back in Legends but have always heard great things about Bombos as well.

And since My Fairy is starting from scratch I figured I might ask what the Gamefaqs community has to say.

Plus new players may as well know.

P.s. second time making topic. Appears my auto correct thinks combos was what I wanted to say...

User Info: TerminusEdge

10 months ago#2
Seems like Shade would be better early on, when you don't do quite as much damage yourself.

Once you have good weapons, though, Bombos seems like it'd contribute more against enemies' reduced defenses.

That's just what it seems like from reading the descriptions. I never played Legends.

User Info: kaushik20

10 months ago#3
I used to be all about Shade, but over time I realized Bombos is better all around. Shade is only better on the map types with 2 commanders, so you drop Shade on 1 commander while you go fight the other. But in every other scenario, Bombos is actually the better option. Plus Shade makes Manhandla even more annoying to fight.

A double Bombos fairy with Magic Fountain+ is arguably the best fairy build in the game.

User Info: bcornelia

10 months ago#4
Shade is the only one I've ever used. So it's clearly better.
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User Info: CODwiiiVIP123

10 months ago#5
I personally prefer a mix of Shade+Bombos
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User Info: yab

10 months ago#6
Bombos if you plan to do the fighting yourself, Shade if you want to drop it and do something else, although there aren't too many stages you can do this so I prefer Bombos.

And of course Shine on the side for certain skulltulas

User Info: Spacerodan

10 months ago#7
Yeah like I said heard all good things for Bombos.

Though with Shade I've had such hilarious moments as 'Hylian Captain has defeated Ganondorf' occur.

If I thought I'd be able to get enough food I'd make both with Magic Fountain+, but man... even the supermarket IRL wouldn't have enough...

User Info: Morphrock

10 months ago#8
Does shade still mess up deku babas and manhandla?

User Info: Spacerodan

10 months ago#9
Morphrock posted...
Does shade still mess up deku babas and manhandla?

Honesty dont know yet. Just started Adventure mode

User Info: FireBall2645

10 months ago#10
Double Bombos for me. The hardest part of this game is the bloated enemy health on the later missions (that and bosses not revealing their weaknesses) and Bombos takes care of that. The only time I can think of Shade being better is on 2 Commander mission but even then most maps have enough magic for 2 Fairy Bombs.
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