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  3. PSA : this game is making your switch HOT, be careful this summer, take breaks.

User Info: aux

8 months ago#11
No heat issues here.
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User Info: dark998

8 months ago#12
Just played 2 hours 30 minutes. No heat issues but yeah, this game drains the battery fast. Went from full charge to 8% in that time with mid brightness and Wifi turned off.

User Info: bcornelia

8 months ago#13
applying sunscreen to my console as we speak
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User Info: Croast59

8 months ago#14
I'll keep that in mind. I definitely heard the fans while playing this game in docked mode.

User Info: zog79

8 months ago#15
bcornelia posted...
applying sunscreen to my console as we speak

Laughed way too hard at this.
Made my day, thanks.
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User Info: SmokeRulz

8 months ago#16
I always take breaks when playing my Switch games anyway.

User Info: VioletMassacre

8 months ago#17
The Switch always gets pretty hot, but I don't think I've ever noticed the fan.
Final Fantasy2389 8 months ago#18
I didn't notice the fan tonight but I'll see if I can tomorrow.
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User Info: HylianFox

8 months ago#19
I've never had problems with the console getting hot, but all I've played are Odyssey and BotW
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User Info: Kira_Elric2

8 months ago#20
zog79 posted...
RadKickAss posted...
zog79 posted...
Also this game drains the battery pretty fast, played almost 2 hours straight and there was only 10% left, damn.
Oh well, not that bad, and the game is great.

On what settings? I play on relatively low brightness with Airplane Mode on, no rumble, and I got about two hours in before hitting mid-30% down from 91%.

Fairly low brightness, airplane mode, rumble on (but rumble is using the joycon battery right ?).
I guess my brightness setting might be a little above yours (around 30% on the slider).

I don't know if Nintendo actually made it so that it doesn't take power from the main system to charge the Joycons up/keep them powered on while in handheld mode (don't use my Switch in handheld mode enough to tell if the power levels for the Joycons drop if still connected to the system itself)
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  2. Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition
  3. PSA : this game is making your switch HOT, be careful this summer, take breaks.
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