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  3. Is it me, or is the mini map really small?

User Info: GodOfDerp

8 months ago#1
I'm finding it way to small and awkward to read at times. Although it might just be me nitpicking and being spoiled by fire emblem warriors much cleaner mini map layout...

User Info: QueenTakhisis

8 months ago#2
It depends a lot on the map (some are much smaller than others), and whether you play in handheld mode or on your TV. But yeah, it can be a bit small sometimes. Fortunately it's easy to pause the game and get a look around to see where everything is.
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User Info: aux

8 months ago#3
It's not just you. The map is too small.

Fire Emblem Warriors and Pirate Warriors 3 both have a better map. I prefer Pirate Warriors 3's map the most.
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User Info: __Fiale__

8 months ago#4
Yeah it's not just you TC. If you're playing undocked it can be incredibly hard to tell where your controllable character and others are in relation to the map.

Another thing they could've tweaked for the definitive version, but didn't.
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User Info: CrimsonSmasher

8 months ago#5
All the map UI stuff seems too small...
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User Info: yab

8 months ago#6
They should have increased the size of the UI when undocked, FEW had this problem too.

User Info: bcornelia

8 months ago#7
Just be grateful it isn't a minish map.
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User Info: Moopy

8 months ago#8
The conversation texts at the bottom of the screen are too small as well, at least in docked mode.

User Info: chaos12391

8 months ago#9
I feel like it's fine when docked and playing on a TV, but when undocked it's extremely small and makes it harder to play.
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User Info: Pete41608

8 months ago#10
Even on TV I'm having to take a little extra time trying to figure out here and there where a boss skull icon or a playable commander icon is.

This is easily the definite definitive version, but could have used a few more certain tweaks.
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  3. Is it me, or is the mini map really small?
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