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User Info: R_Fated_Circle

8 months ago#11
ps4 seems to have around 150+ on at average in lobbies
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User Info: nil_cam

8 months ago#12
I usually see around 130 at peak times on Switch. After the new characters, there were 200 for several days.

User Info: jayj350

8 months ago#13
Just shows off why this game desperately needs an arcade mode
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User Info: AnoooSaaanT

8 months ago#14
As a person with the Switch version and only tend to play casuals since I do not want to play for rank. I do see that the casual ones in NA fill up 1 whole room and half a second one usually.

User Info: BabaBzaa

8 months ago#15
Lag. Lag is going to pretty much be the death of all fighters on the Switch unless something dramatic happens.
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User Info: nil_cam

8 months ago#16
I rarely have any lag on Cross Tag. I am using a Hori ethernet adapter and let the intros play through.

User Info: DrHolland

8 months ago#17
I agree about the arcade mode or more offline stuff. Or a better story mode that incorporates more of the characters. Dragon ball fighterz had a better done story mode and it was done by the same company? To me all the people who made this game was all about making characters than making a fighting game that actually has content for people to play. I think a problem is people get bored with it and move on. A lot of older fighting games no longer have people play online sadly this game is slowly heading in that direction and then there will be nothing left to do except vs mode against a friend/cpu or survival mode.
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