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User Info: DackWellers

10 months ago#1
Has anyone figured out where in the time line for Harry potter this is? I know it's in between when Harry gets hit with the killing curse and when he comes to Hogwarts but that's about it
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User Info: IqarP15

10 months ago#2
Like 7 years I think the game said.
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User Info: 1337ROX

10 months ago#3
With the way Dumbledore said it at the beginning I'd assume the same year. Bill Weasley is in the game so we just take whatever year he's in and compare it to the books.
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User Info: VampLordAdamaru

10 months ago#4
According to the HP wiki, the player attends Hogwarts from 1984-1991. Harry starts at Hogwarts in September of 1991.

So either the player is a Seventh Year when Harry is a First Year, or the player graduates the school year prior to Harry attending Hogwarts. (I'm assuming the latter at the moment.)
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User Info: DackWellers

10 months ago#5
Alright thanks
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