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  3. So is Seong Mina the cheapest character in the game?

User Info: Oneday

1 month ago#1
Everytime I face her online she wrecks me because she is the only character with a spear weapon. Anyone else think she is the cheapest character in the game?

User Info: Dark Blade 13

Dark Blade 13
1 month ago#2
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User Info: Gwynbleidds

1 month ago#3

User Info: dualswordtrunks

1 month ago#4
A tactic i usually use is being more defensive waiting for an opening but if that is not your cup of tea use her in practice mode to figure out which moves to block/dodge on reaction because characters like seung just like anyone else rely on the player not knowing what is safe/not safe on their move set
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User Info: krichton

1 month ago#5
She has 3 cheap moves and that's about it. But they are cheap. The rest of her command list is pretty good and on par with her in part 2. Few players use it though, they just spam those 3 cheap ass moves.

User Info: richboy900

1 month ago#6
Gwynbleidds posted...

I was about to say this. He's certainly up there

User Info: Juxtapose

1 month ago#7

Ivy is for meta huggers.
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User Info: -_-_-_-_-

1 month ago#8
I think the online play makes her a lot worse than she is.
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User Info: VioIetSystems-

1 month ago#9
she's cheap at first but give it time (try to use her) and you'll know how to deal with her

Juxtapose posted...

Ivy is for meta huggers.

this is the correct answer
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User Info: WhitePointer

1 month ago#10
Gwynbleidds posted...

The only cheap thing about Nightmare is his explosion and terror charge state. Not only is the explosion a "get out of jail free" card that he can activate any time he wants, even multiple times per round, but it gives him access to any of his soul charge moves without using meter, and some of those moves actually reset terror charge so he can use them again straight away. Why Namco thought that was ever a good idea, I have no clue.
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  3. So is Seong Mina the cheapest character in the game?
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