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User Info: Sho_Nuff

1 month ago#41
I never thought I'd say it, but I wish we could go back to all the "Soul Calibur is dead/failure" threads.
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User Info: Nfj914

1 month ago#42
Sho_Nuff posted...
I never thought I'd say it, but I wish we could go back to all the "Soul Calibur is dead/failure" threads.

I'm pretty sure this broke out cuz of a couple troll topics on the mk11 board about designs...

User Info: ShadowRaiden00

1 month ago#43
Vulcan422 posted...
Besides, NRS games have had very clunky controls for years and the women have all been disgustingly ugly since MKX, be it their faces or their ultra-conservative and out-of-character outfits. They are taking sex appeal out of an M-rated game, which is downright stupid, bad for business, and counterproductive to the game's success.

MK has never needed "sex appeal"

its never even had it, the women look like men, dogs or potatoes

MKX removed the boobs and sold higher, its got no effect on anything

I've already bought both and have/will enjoy both

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User Info: MikuXII

1 month ago#44
LazorGuns posted...
"In fact, you're already preemptively assuming without sufficient evidence that if MK11 fails, it must be due to the lack of sex appeal. Last time I checked, MKX was way more successful than not only SCVI, but also Street Fighter V and Tekken 7, and MKX was the fastest-selling game in the franchise's entire history, all despite MKX toning down the sex appeal compared to MK9."

MKX didn't have the stigma because the SJW toxicity hasn't reached the boiling point, hence it sold the way it did. You shouldn't expect that to repeat with MK11 where everything about the game is toxic and everyone's sick of it. That, and MKX still knew to have some fanservice to it, rather than go extreme and not allow any at all or even allow the women to be interpreted as attractive. Why do you think every discussion of MK11 always leads to SJW accusations? That stuff affects sales, bro. No one wants trendy vocal minorities influencing their entertainment except trendy vocal minorities.

And as I said, brand-name recognition goes a long way. No one would buy Mortal Kombat if it weren't such a historical series.

Also, self-censorship is a thing...


And yes, the general public is sick and tired of the SJW agenda and it shows. That's why "get woke, go broke" is real.

Good idea: "Let's take a female character that's a known sex symbol and make them ugly and covered. That'll go over well with SJWs but no one else!"


Can't wait to see MK11's declining sales, I'll make sure to remind you of this.

Unironically citing one angry gamer. I'm guessing you're the representative of #BonerCulture

User Info: Porcupine

1 month ago#45
everyone on gamefaqs swears now its the mods fault

User Info: Lockeadon

1 month ago#46
I don't, but am still moderated for imaginary violation, gamefaqs mods are nothing if not inconsistent

User Info: wombat013

1 month ago#47
The MK roster is garbage.

User Info: Troika19

1 month ago#48
Trump can't push the red button soon enough.

You all suck.
Gamefaqs. Where people spend more time arguing about politics, than arguing about games. While the mods pick their arses.
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