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  3. Anybody dropping this game for DOA6?

User Info: ufara

1 month ago#61
TampaBray posted...
Holy s***. Have you guys seen the story for DOA6? I’m just curious. The gameplay is alright and I know that’s the focus but my God, the story is the single WORST goddamn thing I have ever seen in any piece of fictional media. It’s WORSE than DoA5.

Things just happen. And there’s bits of dialogue weaved in between. It’s actually appalling and I laughed out loud numerous times due to how absurd the entire thing was.

Hitomi: RAWR!
Eliot: Woah! You startled me!

*Leifang appears out of goddamn NOWHERE*
Leifang: You’re airheaded but you look strong!”
Honoka: Oh! Umm...

Bass: Man...what happened to you, Rig?
*Bayman conveniently appears at that exact moment to talk about Rig*
Bayman: We’re getting rid of Rig.

So, a dumber version of 5 then?

I think it's kind of funny that there are plenty of templates to use for a fighting game story mode that can work, yet they still seem to mess it up.
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User Info: Rhalius

1 month ago#62
The story mode of DOA6 feels incomplete. I hope they will expand on it through patches.

Granted though, it did have a few good moments outside of the main storyline.

Nyotengu is a lot of fun whenever she appears. Drinking wine with Brad Wong and interrupting the tournament.

Zack is finally not one big joke anymore, they improved his character.

There's a very touching moment with Helena and Kokoro.

And Christie gets to be rather competent as a villain. The only villain to show some competence sadly.

User Info: Troika19

1 month ago#63
DoA is trash so no I'm not dropping SCVI.

Also £73.99 season pass. Have fun with playing dress up with your digital waifu's, suckers.
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User Info: Wondergleam

1 month ago#64
Nope. Still playing Soulcalibur.
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User Info: Jin_Hazama

1 month ago#65
Looking at the DOA6 random costume fiasco has given me a new appreciation for SCVI. Sure, it has its flaws and limitations, but their overall approach has been pretty straightforward and honest. No stupid crap like Treasure Battle etc. It's one of very few fighting game franchises of which I'm still willing to buy a full-priced game.

User Info: Lovelee445

1 month ago#66
Nope. I appreciated the DOA series for years but I dunno, something about this one just... doesn't strike my interest. Maybe furthur down the line when the price drops or 2.0 or 3.0 comes out like 5 did a few times. But I'm content with SCVI for now.
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