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  3. Anybody dropping this game for DOA6?

User Info: TribeOfDan

1 month ago#21
jaoman69 posted...
There isnt enough cocaine in the universe to justify this topic.

Where did it all go?
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User Info: Darkflare_EX

1 month ago#22
Dark Blade 13 posted...

Even though I'm a bigger fan of Soul Calibur series and been playing it since day 1, the way Namco handles Soul Calibur 6 so far with its patches, dlcs, character balance, and lack of communication I might not be playing this game for long.

Tecmo is going to do the same thing and just throw fanservice DLC costumes. If this is your reasoning, you're better off staying with SC6
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User Info: Vulcan422

1 month ago#23
Absolutely not. DOA6 may be a good game, better than the kusoge that was DOA5, but SC6 is still better than DOA6.
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User Info: NeclordX

1 month ago#24
That depends on how the single player options are in DOA6

User Info: qperok

1 month ago#25
Not even interested in buying DoA6 right now.

User Info: Mestre_Ninja

1 month ago#26
I wont say I will drop sc 6, but I will be playing more doa 6 until they release Cassandra. Doa will have 2 of my main character on the base roster, and we already know what dlcs we will be getting. Unlike sc 6 that take so long to give just a date of their dlcs.

User Info: Leo__87

1 month ago#27
Ir anything, DOA's beta made me realize that my place is along SC6 and T7.
Was a great DOA fan, but can't do it anymore. Can't really stand it's randomness, everything is a string, and any hit stun locks... it's really bizarre.
And no, didn't like DOA5 either. Was a great fan of the first three. Skipped 4, and the last two are definitely different.
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User Info: Burchyplus

1 month ago#28
I'll be picking up DoA6 but I've already dropped this game. I tried it again today for first time in about two weeks and nothing has changed. Out of 5 matches with my 4k rp Tira, 2 of the matches had a similar rp, both nightmare obviously because he plagues the lower ranks and the other 3 had miles more rp, 2 had over 10k and the third had 28k.

The matchmaking in this game is so complete dog s*** that I rarely play a match that even seems fair.
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User Info: BillbertGundam

1 month ago#29
Can't wait to play a guessing game with long ass string like PKKPPKKPPPPPKKKPKPK with high and low variation!
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User Info: NightmareGamma

1 month ago#30
not that DOA6 is bad, buuuuut I am not a fan of the characters. SO no, I won't drop this game for DOA6.
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