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User Info: Zieru

1 month ago#11
Edgemaster70000 posted...
Zieru posted...
dudeee... tekken is harder, too many combo combination to put, soul calibur is much much, easier simple button input already make your character do cool stuff with high damage

I don't know about anyone else, but I will never take anything you say seriously when you lack the basic intelligence to type at a higher level than a brain-damaged caveman.

lol what's wrong with being not a native english speaker, your mother must be proud of you chump

User Info: Wondergleam

1 month ago#12
MysticVolcano posted...
Sexycopper posted...
Tekken is harder to learn then this Game, just even proper movement is way harder in tekken. Visit 8wayrun, it can help far more then this site could.

Have you played tekken? that game is braindead easy compared to this one, i even lost interest in it due to how beginner friendly it was, Go try it for your self.

In no way, shape or form is it anywhere near hard. top tier players takes skill, yes, but it's much easier to reach it there then here, SC you have to actually learn other characters moves if you want to be effective.

I completely agree with this.

Every person I know when they try SC, they tell me how do I compare this to Tekken when in Tekken they can press as many buttons, they easily win sometimes, but in this one, they press as much and as fast as they do, they cant even get 1 hit. Lol.

Yet, people say this one is easier than Tekken.
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User Info: Wondergleam

1 month ago#13
trevor400 posted...
i mean, im pretty new to fighters.. 50 hours in SFV, 50 in MKXL.. and MKXL is the only one i can compete in. I dont know, learning everything and applying it, and being competent, just takes so much effort. I mean, im up for the challenge, but why does the first 50-100 hours have to be like a job.. when will i break through.. when

It shouldn’t be.

Best plan to do is to get in Training mode, pick the character or the fighting style you like most, or the character you want to learn and get better at, go over the their move set When you press at a certain move, it shows you the actual move along with the demonstration on how you can perform it. If you like a certain one, try to perform it yourself, with time, when you think you got some moves learned, go to arcade and try finishing the game with that character, see how well you did. That’s how I used to do it when I first liked the game in SCII.
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User Info: Vulcan422

1 month ago#14
Fighting games as a whole are difficult to learn. There is no such thing as a fighting game you can just "pick up and play". Your enjoyment comes from how much time you are willing to invest. Training Mode is literally a sandbox where you can explore all kinds of possibilities, and you use that to get better at the game and play people online, or offline if you so choose.
Smash is not a fighting game.
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User Info: 7656198

1 month ago#15
Keep playing, you'll get it. Fighters take time to learn. You won't be stomping people that have been playing fighters their whole life, 50 hours in a fighter overall isn't a lot of time really. I don't get why people don't wanna learn lol. They wanna be instant bad asses as soon as they touch the controller haha.

Anyways. SC6 is an easier fighter to learn imo, but I've been playing it since SC1, so a lotta stuff is burned into my brain at this point. If you want something truly difficult pick up GGXrd. That'll show you how complex a fighter can get.

So yeah, just keep playing. It'll come in time, just don't expect to be amazing after a week.
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User Info: Leo__87

1 month ago#16
I think SC is really easy to learn. You have rather short movelists, no low launchers/combo starters, no complicated motions, no complicated throw brakes... really can't think of a more simple 3d fighting game to learn.

And Tekken is not easy, for godsake. There are a lot of char specific mechanics. You can get mixed up and and chain throwed to death by a good Nina player without even know what to do.

DOA is another fairly easy game to pick but hard to master because of the sheer amount of attack, strings, and branches on pretty much every string. You need to know your adversary char a lot, as well as yours.
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