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  3. Is this game really as dead as people say it is online?

User Info: Solioxrz362

1 month ago#31
I find games within a minute most of the time on PS4. Sometimes it gets a little longer, but honestly I think that's just my internet messing up.

Every now then, I'll get paired up against the same person twice in a row, but this usually only happens around midnight.

The game's online is far from dead. It's definitely slowed down from launch and it's not booming or anything, but calling it dead is actually stupid.
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User Info: FrankFontaine1

1 month ago#32
I'm on PS4 and haven't had issues.

User Info: Leo__87

1 month ago#33
I was playing ranked last night, played for an hour or so. Was getting matches in seconds, less than a minute for sure.
Always look for "any connection" had no lag in any match I played, just one guy RQted after he won first set rather well (tea bag and all) and then I won five rounds straight.
Other than that, everything is just fine.
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User Info: Osumnis

1 month ago#34
So is PC version not worth if I want to play online? I wanna get this game but I also don't wanna fork over money for PS Plus
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User Info: MysticVolcano

1 month ago#35
Osumnis posted...
So is PC version not worth if I want to play online? I wanna get this game but I also don't wanna fork over money for PS Plus

I play both, it's a lot less active on PC. but still has players enough to always find someone, and yes i agree, that's why i usually get free trials when i want to play online on console. as PS+ is a complete waste of money for me otherwise. Just keep making new accounts.
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User Info: gilgaRe

1 month ago#36
Edgemaster70000 posted...
You literally can't even get in a casual lobby during primetime hours on xbox. I tried for an hour and a half while I played something on my phone. Nobody joined my lobby and I couldn't find a single one.

It really amazes me that this late into the generation with PS4 being the console with the highest user base by far that people even bother playing online games on Xbox.

User Info: YoungThugger

1 month ago#37
It’s not dead-dead..but it sure as hell isn’t active. It’s kinda just scraping by right now.
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User Info: pokedude900

1 month ago#38
I was playing at 10AM ET this morning and getting matches just fine (PS4).
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User Info: ZIONel44

1 month ago#39
Umm no, whoever told you that must be a troll >_> xbox and ps4
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User Info: SWBF2Pilot

1 month ago#40
Vulcan422 posted...
Let me put it this way.

About a few weeks ago I decided to get back on this game. PS4 version. I wanted to check and see if the matchmaking was fixed since I don't give a s*** about lobbies in this game due to how scrubby the community is, as I learned the hard way in SC5.

It took me 5 minutes to find matches in Ranked, and I only managed to get 3 people. One was a custom character degenerate, another was a beginner Geralt, and the last was a 20,000+ LP Nightmare who thrashed me. After that, I got no more matches.

I'd say that's pretty dead to me. Going by that, I'm worried about how the PC version is doing. I can't learn the game properly if the skill of my opponents is too inconsistent.

In the Asia region, I was finding matches pretty much nonstop at all hours on the Steam version as of a week ago. (Haven't played in a bit for work/travel reasons.) Idk about NA though.

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  3. Is this game really as dead as people say it is online?
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