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  3. The director of this game was the character designer of Soulcalibur IV

User Info: Grammar_man

3 months ago#31
xOmniCloudx posted...
SCV Ivy was the best default design Ivy ever had.

If they had managed to make it match her official art, maybe.

As it turned out in-game, it looks dull and desaturated.

SCV Mitsurugi has the same exact problem. His outfit in the artwork is the best look he's had, but the in-game portrayal is a dull grey uninteresting blob.
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User Info: Grammar_man

3 months ago#32
Kaz13 posted...
So no wonder all the females look like they were designed as if this was classic DOA and the males look ridiculously overdesigned. SCII was the apex for the most part. Some characters like Raph, Kilik, and Mi-Na had better designs in subsequent games but at least their outfits made more sense.

Most characters peaked in SC3, costume-wise.

I don't praise SC3 too often, but music and costumes was something they nailed.
FC: 2380-3090-3964, IGN: Ronia/RWB
Garbodor, Seviper, Muk.

User Info: Pirate Wez

Pirate Wez
2 months ago#33
palpatine_roxx posted...
Yes, it certainly explains why the women dress so f***ING trashy, and why they all conform to traditional beauty standards, which a female warrior honestly SHOULDN'T. Waifish "waifus" using giant swords is TOTALLY f***ing unrealistic.

You sen Volvo?

Look, in fantasy games be more concerned about the practicality of humanoid lizard or that a dragon can exist and fly/breathe fire before commenting on human outfits lol. A bad ass enough warrior woman can wear whatever she wants in the character designer’s vision.
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User Info: ScrappyDingo

2 months ago#34
These characters have never looked realistic. Like, since f***ing Soul Blade/Edge.

hell, we even got bulls*** like "a god gives Sophitia the power to wield a sword" to explain why she's scrawny and yet can swing a strong sword.
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User Info: Rhiethreal

2 months ago#35
That explains why the game looks so good while being balance like garbage.

User Info: masterman97

2 months ago#36
The director has been with Project Soul for a long time eh? Then why does this game feel like a newbie helmed it? This game is f***ing amateur hour!
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User Info: ifnsman

2 months ago#37
Good to know. I'm impressed.
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User Info: Fusion99

2 months ago#38
Darkking4 posted...
Praise Yoshinori Takahashi.
He is a fellow man of culture.
Glad to see someone still make very attractive character designs and continue to piss off the ugly butthurt sjws and feminists unlike the developers of DOA and Mortal Kombat who are actually kowtowing to these scumbags.

DOA6 actually have some sexy designs still. Not as many as doa5, but there are still some there. It’s nowhere near as toned down as mk11.
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  3. The director of this game was the character designer of Soulcalibur IV
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