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  3. Any news on dlc content / date post 2b?

User Info: ZeloMedrix51

1 month ago#11
masterman97 posted...
Wondergleam posted...
s***ty planning.

We waited and waited for nothing.

Very bad shceduling from the developers.

People who say ‘wait we just got 2B’ are plain losers that just go with the flow, with all due respect.

No planning and no release dates of the season pass content yet are just plain ‘Bad Scheduling’ it’s clear. We’re not asking for the content, we’re only asking for the release dates and some updates for those who believed in the game and paid for the season pass long time ago.


Like, if you paid for the season pass you should ATLEAST be entitled to a post-release roadmap or something. Dates don’t have to be exact but atleast give a reasonable estimate so people can plan ahead and not abandon ship. Instead, all they give are vague and cryptic “we might have something around this time but even we’re not too sure so we’ll just say ‘soon’” responses.

You would think that they would have planned this s*** better especially with the competition that’s right around the corner looking to bury them. Fighting games are coming out of the woodwork and the already dwindling SC player base will take an even bigger hit because CaS is the only reason why a lot of players stick around to be honest. There’s nothing to do in the game, the online is ass, and the’ve already proven they are lol-tier when it comes to balancing. So what do you do? Make awesome characters, that’s what. And MK11 is on its way looking to take some of that audience.

But, they wanted to make a quick buck with this unfinished ass game and a lot of us fell for it because we wanted another SoulCalibur. If it wasn’t apparent before, it is now.

I agree with everthing except for the quickbuckpart (partially.) I think if this game had a better budget we would have a better game. But then again they already got our money and so far I dont see it being used for anything. So you may have a point
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User Info: pappico

1 month ago#12
I would like to know this as well. It's the end of the month in 2 days, there should be something by that time.
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  3. Any news on dlc content / date post 2b?
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