So who do you think is getting revealed Saturday?

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  3. So who do you think is getting revealed Saturday?

User Info: Toan

4 days ago#1
I'm 99% sure it's Cassandra. First we see her art in the story then we hear there's an announcement just 2/3 days later? Yeah, that's what we call a Red Flag
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(edited 4 days ago)
Probably Cassandra, though I wish it would be Setsuka.
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Last time I got super hyped we got the beta, so I'm checking expectations. I'm the only person on this board who doesn't care about Cassandra so I'm hoping for Setsuka for at least a new gameplay mechanic and so I can make a CaS Alpha Pat.
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User Info: Ragiroth

4 days ago#4
For DLC or in the base game?
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User Info: Geminosity

4 days ago#5
Cassandra or Amy would make sense and be the best news ever for me personally... so I fully expect it to be Necrid :P

User Info: ScrappyDingo

4 days ago#6
If it's a character I would imagine DLC character 2, who would be either Cassandra or Yun Seong.

I don't see any more base characters being revealed. It would have leaked by now.
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If there is an announcement, it's probably Cassandra. Might not be just a coincidence that her artwork was revealed in the latest stream along with a new design.
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User Info: ZeroBeatt

4 days ago#8
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User Info: Edelweiss-II

4 days ago#9
Hope this is Cassandra as we see a picture of her..

User Info: Therese

4 days ago#10
Give me f***ing Yun-seong I need my chinese sword style
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  3. So who do you think is getting revealed Saturday?

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