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User Info: kriirk

5 months ago#1
Predict how many hours you will play SC6! - Results (111 votes)
10 or less
9.01% (10 votes)
4.5% (5 votes)
14.41% (16 votes)
20.72% (23 votes)
11.71% (13 votes)
39.64% (44 votes)
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User Info: BillbertGundam

5 months ago#2
Currently 200+ hours on FighterZ. With more offline content and Sophitia, I imagine gonna play this more than 500 hours, easily.
Sophitia confirmed for SCVI!!

User Info: Duke_Von_Shnozz

5 months ago#3
100+ hours in character creation
20-30 hours between the two story modes, depending on replayability & length, maybe more
50+ reaching Max rank online
Another few hours of story with each dlc character they release possibly.
200+ right there. But I'm gonna platinum the game too and probably continue playing well into 2019. I put over 500 hours into SCV and expect this one to be no different.

User Info: EsperStarr

5 months ago#4
How the hell are we supposed to know??? Game could black screen us and they may never patch it properly, could be constant 15 fps dips or just flat out suck.

Character customization is pretty epic so I know I'll at least be in there for a few hundred hours.

500 hours PLUS
Life imitates art
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User Info: Jedah999

5 months ago#5
Definitely at least 100. I typically don't play fighting games online unless it's with friends, so that'll make the time go down.

User Info: Kantiran

5 months ago#6
Depends on the quality of the singleplayer content.
I assume it will be something between 10 and 30 hours, maybe more if I really like the battle system and want to go online.

User Info: UberSchnitzel

5 months ago#7
I maxed out the playtime at 999 hours on V playing with my friends. I can't imagine this will be any different.

User Info: Interfusor

5 months ago#8
I'll probably play 30 hours the first 24 hours of the game's release.
I am not economically viable.

User Info: Beastofprey0079

5 months ago#9
500+ I'm often spend my time recreating obscure characters in SCV and i'll do the same in SCVI.

User Info: Lord_plague

5 months ago#10
My attention span mostly cover 50 hours or so, after that I usually never bother with it again ( never finished many games thx to this,,, still like them though)

sorry for bad english
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