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User Info: Flownaway86

3 years ago#21
Ezio. Honestly, he is the only one that fits, so far...

User Info: Krow_Incarnate

3 years ago#22
Ezio is the only one who really fit seamlessly into the atmosphere.
Hail Hydra

User Info: Masadune

3 years ago#23
Good Evening!

Honestly I'm fine with any of them but would rather just have their weapons&styles for CaC.

User Info: Fear_Awakens

3 years ago#24
Link was honestly the only one I liked thus far. And honestly, only because he was Link.

User Info: Grammar_man

3 years ago#25
ifnsman posted...
Grammar_man posted...
I'd very much like some of their movesets brought back and put on new SC characters.

In that case, I'd like to see Vader's moves incorporated into a longsword moveset for Johan Durer.

Combine Vaders moves with some actual longsword guards(like the Alber, Vom Tag, Ochs and Pflug)
and techniques like half-swording and we're set

The character design and battle planning team apparently have voiced some regrets for character designs that they and apparently one from Okubo himself wishes they had an opportunity to include in the game.

Those being character styles like a "traditional and semi realistic" swordsman using real sword techniques that aren't usually in video games. They were given examples like "Half-Swording and the Murder Stroke" specifically. They actually cited the game For Honor as inspiration for this, as well as a couple people as part of the battle team getting into American Medieval Sword Fighting via youtube channels dedicated to it. Things like ScholaGladitoria does. They said they don't think it means they specifically watch things from that channel, but was at least given as an idea as to what they meant. But I guess it could've meant that one. I found that interesting regardless.

I can't help but think they decided against having a longsword user in SCV once Geralt was confirmed as the guest.
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User Info: Beastofprey0079

3 years ago#26
megaman623 posted...
zero829 posted...
None. I want guest characters in fighting games to stop being a thing.

Why do people hate fun things?

Because they are bunch of edgy fools, and ironically they are criticizing Groh for his edginess. It shows that how hypocrite they are.

User Info: Deanyzy

3 years ago#27
I dislike guest characters in fighting games especially when a more popular character is MIA because of it.
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