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  3. What if Project Soul was in with the DoA decision secretly?

User Info: shootingfoul

8 months ago#1
Here's this hypothetical Scenario:

-> Dead or Alive 6 is to be released on 2019, while Soul Calibur is October 2018.
-> Project Soul will gave DoA6 a bunch of money to have them go along with the plan.
-> Team Ninja announced they will fully commit to SJW standards then double down on it after fan reaction.
-> Team Ninja's announced SJW DoA6 was a fake and secretly develop the real DoA6 under the table.
-> Fans get pissed and then all buy Soul Calibur 6, even those who didn't originally plan to buy Soul Calibur 6.
-> Soul Calibur 6 sales like hot cake at October 2018.
-> November 2018, Team Ninja announces their "actual Dead or Alive 6" full of fan service, with the excuse of "after re-considering our approach, we have realized our mistake", yet keep their secret deal with project soul hidden from public.
-> Fans cheer and thought they won.
-> Early 2019, DoA6 sold better than what they would of sold if they didn't "pretend to cater to SJW" due to this hyped up drama..
-> Team Ninja be rich due to sales + hidden deal of money they took from Project Soul....while Project Soul made a bunch of money from the SJW drama...

....as a result, we've all been played .

User Info: Porcupine

8 months ago#2
I have no idea what you are talking about.

User Info: shootingfoul

8 months ago#3
Porcupine posted...
I have no idea what you are talking about.

It's a conspiracy theory about what if all this SJW drama was just a plot by the companies themselves.

User Info: Porcupine

8 months ago#4
I don't even know what a SJW is, there is no drama of it.

User Info: CaliberChamp

8 months ago#5
From what I seen. Never follow Kotaku's SJW game design philosophy. The freedom of customization of what you want your character to wear should be determined by the gamer behind the controller. For those that like a skimpy outfit on their character, that is their right and for those that like a fully clothed character, that is their right. Its the developers jobs to please both kinds of customers through its customization options. Its always best to be balanced and never tip the scales to the far right or far left idealogy for that becomes authoritarian and creative freedom is lost.
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User Info: Porcupine

8 months ago#6
I always wear skimpy but if you go too far then there will be naked characters and need some black bars. I guess the people who like skimpy clothes should fight back and demand that only skimpy and naked characters be allowed, and only girls and no ugly guys and no voldo.

User Info: Destructosphere

8 months ago#7
it would be cool but i dont think so

User Info: Azztec

8 months ago#8
*checks for tinfoil hat*

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User Info: fadingstar

8 months ago#9
That would be actually a pretty smart and cool move to have sjw movement think they actually won something and change one of the most fanservice games next to sc series then to have them learn it was just cover up I would pay to see something like that there reaction would be priceless

User Info: dakar

8 months ago#10
the hottest street fighter character ever made
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