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  3. If you had to choose between Tira and Setsuka for a roster slot....

User Info: BrosukeHanamura

8 months ago#1
topic - Results (453 votes)
49.67% (225 votes)
35.1% (159 votes)
Bikini Lizardman
15.23% (69 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Tough one.
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User Info: TyongMao

8 months ago#2
Tira's the more interesting character, but Setsuka's weapon style is (imo) more engaging, so Setsuka.
Figuratively speaking.

User Info: dakar

8 months ago#3
Setsuka....Tira's up close though
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User Info: Khrijunk

8 months ago#4
Tira no question. Setsuka has always been kind of meh for me.
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User Info: Cadaveri

8 months ago#5
hard choice, I'll go for Setsuka though

User Info: UberSchnitzel

8 months ago#6
Storywise, Setsuka has always been meh, but conceptually she's one of the most creative SC has ever put out imo. Especially with the redesign she got in IV.

User Info: RAS1003

8 months ago#7
Setsuka. No questions asked.

User Info: richy90

8 months ago#8
Alpha Patroklos (aka neutral-gender Setsuka).

User Info: Choppa675

8 months ago#9
I'm gonna go with Setsuka, but it was a tough choice as I like Tira quite a bit.
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User Info: Gunpowdrpenguin

8 months ago#10
richy90 posted...
Alpha Patroklos (aka neutral-gender Setsuka).

This always strikes me as strange for people to say lol

To memory, nothing about her move set was feminine, especially compared to other female members like Sophitia and Cassandra. And I've never really understood how an umbrella sheath made things feminine lol
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  3. If you had to choose between Tira and Setsuka for a roster slot....
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