How old are we,the SoulCalibur players?

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User Info: Krow_Incarnate

3 months ago#11
Hail Hydra

User Info: Zargon19

3 months ago#12
30, have been playing since just before Soul Calibur 2, got into SC1 like within a year of its console release i believe.
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User Info: Gin_Devil

3 months ago#13
22. Played 2 on the GameCube back in the day. Bought all the numbered ones since.

User Info: PHATJER

3 months ago#14
30. The first game of the series that I played was Soul blade.
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User Info: Voodoo_Voldo

3 months ago#15
Ill probably have recently turned 26 by the time this comes out.
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User Info: El Marsh

El Marsh
3 months ago#16
As old as my tongue and a little bit older than my teeth.

User Info: Sir_Punsalot

3 months ago#17
First ever soul game was soul edge (it wasn’t even a localized copy :|)
Skipped soul calibur cuz no Dreamcast but came back for the epicness that was SC2
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User Info: JohnnySurf7

3 months ago#18

User Info: SupaGaiden

3 months ago#19
I'm 21 and the first one I played was SoulCalibur IV on the PS3. Later on though I eventually played all the previous ones.

User Info: ChaozCloud

3 months ago#20
28, I used to rent Soul Edge from the local rent shop. Completely missed SC1 due to no arcades in town and the only person I know that had DC didn't have the game. Was super hyped for SC2 when I realized it was tied to SE.
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