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User Info: Endgame

1 year ago#31
I just watched AoU.

.....It sucked. Right behind Thor 2 for worst MCU film.

-Ultron sucked. Each of the Black Order in IW had a better showing than him.

-The dialogue being too "quippy" as I've heard it described to me before seeing the film is a huge problem and very noticeable. Especially when Ultron, who is supposed to be a sophisticated machine, is also talking in quips. It was very out of character for someone like Black Widow to go "beep beep" while driving past civilians.

-The Banner and Black Widow romance..... yeah. Too forced and out of nowhere.

-Just like the first Avengers film, the final sequence lacked weight because it was just a bunch of cannon fodder while the main villain pretty much gets b****slapped. However, the first Avengers had more to fall back on than AoU, since its plot was more interconnected with the other MCU films and worked to follow up Captain America and Thor.

-Also, the big battle of the movie, just like in the first Avengers, is against Hulk. Kind of a cop-out.
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User Info: The Top Crusader

The Top Crusader
1 year ago#32
The Banner/Black Widow romance is really dumb, but I am glad it gave us the callback joke in Thor: Ragnarok and I guess Deadpool 2. It's so stupid that it cracks me up when they reference that.

But yeah, while I'd say it's better than Iron Man 2, it was just kind of there to have a movie there, it felt like.

User Info: Lord Moe

Lord Moe
1 year ago#33
I actually don't remember anything from it
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