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User Info: PaulCochrane

3 months ago#1
Is there a good one knocking about? At the stage where I would like to just wrap this up now.

I say guide, more of an order to do things?

Do I do the Hard skirmishes first?
View the epilogue?
View a steamy ceasefire?

Not quite sure what to tbh.

Also, noticed on the guide on here he has no info on Hard Skirmish 3?!

User Info: Busard

3 months ago#2
First thing to do would be to check the infirmary shop:
- The most important upgrade being to unlock levels for most of your your classes in the infirmary shop (you can skip scouts or engineers if you want to save some renown) so you can level them up to 21 (no need to go any higher than 21 for the time being) and unlock the last R&D upgrades. And then fully upgrade your best weapons in R&D (Brown rifles and Robinson machine guns at the very least) as well as armors while you're at it. That alone should make things easier (warning: make sure you have recruited the hidden character who requires to save 1 million money before spending all your money in R&D)
- The ship order "bombardment" upgrade can be very useful too for harder skirmishes (to be able to one-shot higher level enemy snipers/grenadiers with it).
- After that, you can also watch the Aurora event (which unlocks after watching the steam ceasefire event) to unlock the potentials for Claude and Riley.
- The other upgrades can be bought in any order really. If you had 99.999 renown upon finishing the game you should have some left for a last upgrade (like the Hafen last upgrades for example).

If you have the DLCs, you can also play the Two Valkyria dlc right now to unlock very powerful characters that will make hard and challenge skirmishes a lot easier.

After that, beating the first 3 hard skirmishes, then the 5th hard skirmish will unlock the last characters so doing them early would be a good idea (especially since you will need to use those characters to unlock their squad stories). Also unlocking the hidden characters would be a good idea if you haven't already (especially the one that requires to save 1 million money as it's better done before spending all your money on R&D upgrades).

Then you can wrap everything up:
- replay story missions where you might have missed something (A rank, accessory, royal weapons, ace weapons, etc...)
- complete the last squad stories
- beat the alternate version of the last battle for the good ending
- beat the hard then challenge skirmishes (then expert if you have the DLC)
Personally, I would do them in that order of difficulty because it kinda makes sense.

And while doing all that, unlock everything left at the infirmary, level up to 30, buy everything in R&D and then finish with the remaining medals you may still be missing.

Oh, and for the hardcore, grind a lot of money to kill the whole squad, get their memento accessories from their death, recruit the 20 generics you and last revive everyone for 6+ millions money. And the minimum turns for the records too.
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User Info: shadowfirebfg

3 months ago#3
Busard posted...
First thing to do would be to check the infirmary shop:
- The most important upgrade being to unlock levels for most of your your classes in the infirmary shop (you can skip scouts or engineers if you want to save some renown)

The two most important are scout and shocktrooper because in the expert/challenge skirmishes Minerva rushing while carrying your best shocktrooper via direct command is a thing when the APC isn't a good option, hell Minerva did most of the work in most of my 1 turn mission clears, but yeah the most important things in the infirmary are scout paragon for last level brown rifles, shock paragon for the standard smg, grenadier for the anti tank mortar, and lancer for the mortar lance for the post game squad story, giving a lancer when the enemies are only scouts snipers engineers and shocktroopers, mortar lance allows a 2 turn clear of that if the lancer is made a cp unit to use direct command to refill ap and get 4 kills in 2 moves then the sniper first next turn followed by 3 on his next move granting mvp and one-shotting an ace

then the interlude to unlock another mission, hafen upgrades, cactus upgrades, bombardment upgrades, and sniper paragon for the last upgrades to the burst sniper
all i need to do for the platinum is trigger last stands and get 10 more infantry weapons researched A ranks on all missions isnt hard if you beat valkyaria chronicles 3 and 2 and understand that rushing with def boost is the right way to play in some situations even if you need to save scum a dash and shoot a mag into an enemy out of range to trigger a full hp regen
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