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  3. why didn't this game sell well?

User Info: Sentinel07

2 months ago#61
DarkSymbiote posted...
I'm playing the game and... it's still so slow, the characters are stupid, objectives change abruptly, enemies are added in out of nowhere, a cutscene for every little thing (even navigating the menus and upgrading equipment)... all of this adds up and the game often feels like a chore.

So far the flaming camp has been the worst because unless you know exactly who is coming when and where, you are going to have a bad time.

Just speaking personally, I kind of liked the sudden objective changes. It was kind of exhilarating to me.

Plus, it's not like VC doesn't leave you and no ideas to combat it. I mean, the save system is extremely forgiving so you can afford a little experimentation when the objective suddenly shifts.
This series is extremely anime, not something the mainstream can really stomach.
History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it.

User Info: Bjornulf

2 weeks ago#63
Personally, I believe it had more to do with really poor marketing and constantly splitting the fanbase.

VC1 - PS3
VC2 - PSP...obvious CPU downgrade, smaller base(of potential users). Less mature story.
VC3 - PSP okay...at least some consistency...more mature story? Cool! No western release?!?! What?

6 years go by...

VCRevolution - PS4/VITA Finally a new Valkyria!....wait...no this was clearly some other game that someone said let's shoehorn the Valkyria world into it to boost sales of the next game!
VC 4 - PS4, etc. Any fans from the PS3 era are now 10 years older and potentially do not play games as much(or have as much time) also they are maybe turned off by the fact this is number 4(not many people got a PSP) and missed 2 whole games. Also, Revolution burned some bridges.
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User Info: ValyrianE

2 weeks ago#64
I played VC1 a few years back. It was fun but not great. I distinctly remember getting very frustrated with the Jaeger mission near the end of the game. The gameplay had also became dull by that point. The side content and DLC were forgettable.

I heard that VC4 was just more of the same, which disappointed me. Same story of plucky good guys vs generic evil empire, female antagonist Valkyria, same gameplay, etc. Saw the $60 price tag and dismissed it.

I was browsing Black Friday deals on Steam when this was recommended to me for $25, so I got it.
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  3. why didn't this game sell well?
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