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  3. The biggest mystery ever: Why are MCU movie posters always so freaking bad?
Wutobliteration 1 month ago#1
I'm pretty sure no one in their right mind, even the biggest fans, can tell you the Marvel movie posters are good. Literally all of them follow the exact same formula of pasting massive floating heads of the actors onto the poster in the most awkward fashion ever.

Did they hire some kid fresh out of high school who put there 'self-learnt Photoshop' on his resume or something? Like I kid you not... just look at every single MCU poster. It's like this designer is just doing the exact same blueprint design for every single poster. Only ones I can think of that were at least somewhat original is the first Thor poster and the Incredible Hulk (which wasnt MCU).
Wutobliteration 1 month ago#2
doing the No Way Home poster be like:

What's their logic? Oh, let's take the Far from Home poster, copy and paste the exact same design, remove Nick Fury 'cos he aint in it anymore and oh look, at that someone standing behind Spiderman. Let's replace Mysterio with Strange.


Iron Man's posters are also exceptionally bad. I know RDJ doesn't have the actual muscular physique and small head-to-body ratio of the Iron Man suit but still trying to force paste his face there will never work out well. Just take a look at how weird RDJ's head is seemingly floating in mid-air in the Infinity War poster

myztikrice 1 month ago#3
What is your definition of good vs bad, and what do you think a good poster does for a film
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Wutobliteration 1 month ago#4
myztikrice posted...
What is your definition of good vs bad, and what do you think a good poster does for a film

Unless you spent your whole life only watching MCU movies, I'm pretty sure you know how many other movie posters differ and what many can at least agree is a universally well-thought out design.

Disney-Marvel's posters are the only ones like this on a consistent basis btw. You can easily compare to other posters done in the past to see how big the difference is. For starters, no giant bubble floating heads.
Wutobliteration 1 month ago#5
Good poster design involve working with the themes of the movie and positioning elements in ways that do not feel conflicting and forced. Take for example the Spider-man movies.

Raimi's Spider-man 3
There was never a need to show the actor in Spider-man films, because Spider-man's identity has always been the key focus. The movie's theme on a dark-side Spider-man is pretty much conveyed fully in just this picture alone, with two Spider-men shown facing opposite each other. Hate or love the movie, this is one of the best and most iconic superhero posters around.

Amazing Spider-man
Again, the poster conveys the movie fine while not revealing too much. The poster is intentionally dark because Webb intended this Andrew's version to initially start out as a night-time superhero. The city backdrop is also a must to show New York as the home of the superhero

And here comes the poster by Marvel the moment they got their hands on the movie rights:
Same formula: Oh let's paste every single main actor's gigantic face onto the poster. Oh wait, this movie is about Spider-man, right? Yeah yeah let's chuck Spider-man somewhere in the background but put Tom Holland in there. Oh wait, RDJ is in it too? He's a bigger star even though this movie should be about Holland. Hey, let's make RDJ's face even bigger than Holland's. Oh yeah who else are we missing? Aunt may, happy, MJ...oh let's add in Iron Man too 'cos again, RDJ. Now just randomly throw in bright colors. Woohoo, done.

This isnt even new. Many people have said the same thing about MCU posters, including media outlets that remain clueless on how Marvel continues this s****
kollisionn777 1 month ago#6
It wasn't just MCU at one point either. I remember a lot of other movies were doing it too.

Its just laziness
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A_Nonny_Moose 1 month ago#7
I'm pretty sure Sony still handles all the Spider-Man advertising, not Marvel or Disney.
lilORANG 1 month ago#8
That ASM poster is literally just a big floating head >_>

But the Ant-Man poster was awesome
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Hypnofeet 1 month ago#9
They aren't bad. What the hell is wrong with you?
Vlugge_Japie 1 month ago#10
Perhaps a part of it has to do with actor contracts in regarding to marketing. I remember there being a whole discussion on how large everyone needed to be on IW's poster.
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