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doesntcare 2 months ago#11
Lsnake posted...
It will always be Men in Black for me.

"What's so funny Edwards?"
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SomboSteel 2 months ago#12
MIB was when he was at his peak for me
DaBlackGamer 2 months ago#13
Kinda surprised by the lack of no mention of Will Smith in "Bright" Netflix exclusive here. I really like Bright and I must admit, Will Smith was all in Bad Boys mode throughout the movie and was working with a police Orc felt unique of a fantasy film.

While everyone may think Will's best is "The Pursuit of Happyness", and while I do agree but his best role for me was "Seven Pounds". Really great of a movie I recommend it if you haven't watched it yet. Sad it's kinda underrated even though it was Will's best since Pursuit of Happyness.
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Drumiester 2 months ago#14
I did enjoy Seven Pounds as well and agree it's underrated.
I Love Sasha Banks!
WhatChuLookinFo 2 months ago#15
Of the ones listed?

Enemy of the State, Men in Black, Independance Day, and Bad Boys are equally good ones to the point I can't pick a favorite

Honorable mention to Seven Pounds and Pursuit of Happiness though.
sabin017 2 months ago#16
The one where he deals with aliens.
Drumiester 2 months ago#17
I Love Sasha Banks!
LaManoNeraII 2 months ago#18
MIB is a legitimate classic. I honestly think it's underrated
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