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  3. Is Marvel setting up Shang Chi to be gay?
DiScOrD tHe LuNaTiC 2 months ago#71
Devilanse333 posted...
Thought Awkwafina was pretty cute.
Because she is.
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PlayItRetro 2 months ago#72
YoshiMitsurugi posted...
Would anyone wanna bang Awkwafina?

As long as she lays off the Danny Devito impression.
Blightzkrieg 2 months ago#73
The obsession people have with letting everyone know they think Awkwafina isn't attractive is just super bizarre

The lady doth protest too much
staticshock90 2 months ago#74
Awkwafina is pretty hawt I think.

I think why Shang-Chi is not given a low interest is that American cinemas is too scared to give an Asian born America/Canadian a love interest. It would weird people out since its a new concept. They have to ease people in first.
Zanthion 2 months ago#75
Blightzkrieg posted...
I think for a long time love interests were shoved in everywhere in a misguided attempt to court a female audience, and the MCU has shown that you don't necessarily need a love interest to attract that demographic.
Totally agree. That was always one of the most annoying things about superhero movies and other action-adventure movies back in the day.
LightHawKnight 2 months ago#76
HENTAIDOJI posted...
I'm not saying he is, im just saying Disney could have easily made him and Katy a couple by the end of the movie and they chose to keep it platonic, which means the door is open.

All signs point to them being together at the end.
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BadKarma_JT 2 months ago#77
DiScOrD tHe LuNaTiC posted...
Because she is.

10/10 personality, could use a lot of help in the looks department.
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Hypnofeet 2 months ago#78
Does it matter if he has a same sex romance or... Ya know, no romance at all?

What are you implying TC, hmmmm?

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