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User Info: Aki_Sora

1 month ago#1
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User Info: Risa_Omomo

1 month ago#2
Tom Holland has a baby face.

He is neither spiderman nor nathan drake.

But then again, miscasting is a common occurrence right now in hollywood.

It happens in almost every movie that comes out these days. (Usually for SJW purposes.)
I truly love Nanako Dojima.

User Info: Zelos_ToS

1 month ago#3
Looks not as terrible as I had expected. We'll see.

User Info: yohabroha

1 month ago#4
It's not that it looks bad it's just there's nothing there that makes me convinced that this actually needed a movie. This reminds me of the recent Tomb Raider with how generic it feels.
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User Info: acolytes

1 month ago#5
There's something I just find incredibly uninteresting about Mark Wahlberg.
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User Info: UltimAXE

1 month ago#6
It looks fine but the faces and voices of the Uncharted cast is so engrained into what it is that I like about the series that any deviation from that is going to be a tough sell, and I don't know if I buy Wahlberg as Sully or Holland as Drake.

Granted, I enjoy watching Uncharted more than I like playing Uncharted, so maybe I'll like the movie.
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User Info: MattVSin

1 month ago#7
Looks much better than I thought it would.
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User Info: B18Champ

1 month ago#8
I will definitely see it, but I'm not that excited. The games were fine. Don't think a movie was necessary.

User Info: Namewee_Fragile

1 month ago#9
They f***ed up the Sully character..

User Info: MUIGogito

1 month ago#10
This is terrible. Tom Holland cannot play Nathan Drake to save his life. It should have always been Nathan Fillion.
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