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User Info: sLaCkEr408___RJ

1 month ago#1
Best Actor - Results (128 votes)
Sean Connery
27.34% (35 votes)
David Niven
2.34% (3 votes)
George Lazenby
1.56% (2 votes)
Roger Moore
3.91% (5 votes)
Timothy Dalton
10.16% (13 votes)
Pierce Brosnan
25.78% (33 votes)
Daniel Craig
28.91% (37 votes)
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User Info: B18Champ

1 month ago#2
Daniel Craig, and it isn't close. Connery was way overrated. Moore was too much of a clown. Dalton was also really good.

User Info: Fenrir-Juubi

1 month ago#3
This is the first time I have seen in any poll Brosnan getting such a high amount of votes. I guess he finds a Connery-like balance of being goofy and serious when needed.
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User Info: CommonGrackle

1 month ago#4
I like them all.

User Info: Ryven

1 month ago#5
I know this is a cop out answer but I like them all for different reasons.

Brosnan was a great Bond, just in lower tier Bond movies that weren't Goldeneye.
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User Info: Ar0ge

1 month ago#6
Why do people live Brosnan so much....

Craig is the best by far.

User Info: The Top Crusader

The Top Crusader
1 month ago#7
I like them all but Connery is my favorite. I voted for Lazenby though to be "that guy."

User Info: themadhatter16

1 month ago#8
Are we talking best acting as Bond, or their whole careers?

User Info: Levo1414

1 month ago#9
Dalton for me
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User Info: I_love_men

1 month ago#10
Levo1414 posted...
Dalton for me

Ditto; the man got robbed and deserves to be more than a footnote.

Although I will say Brosnan is the first one to come to mind when I think 007; it's just a shame that Goldeneye was his only great movie. His other 3 are still entertaining, but they just pale in comparison.
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