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  3. Having to wait to see Shang Chi/ James Bond in VOD in 2021 is silly

User Info: DrYuya

1 month ago#1
I mean, what for even? Not like those who don't like wasting their time/sitting around loud and smelly people they don't know by going to a theater are going to change their minds en masse. It only serves as the theaters saying a big "FU" to those people who finally found a better way to watch movies due to Covid. It's not going to save them in the end.

In fact, I'm having a hard time seeing why everyone thinks it's okay for theaters and the entertainment industry to take such a major step backwards when progress was right at our door.I don't see any good reason to delay these movies in VOD.

Same as reopening offices...everyone just wants all the bad stuff that covid fixed to come back without having a solid and reasonable idea as to why...besides just liking the old normal even when it was awful.
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User Info: caex12

1 month ago#2
Movies are made to be seen in Theaters

User Info: brimicbed

1 month ago#3
But were you actually paying $30 for same day VOD releases or just pirating?

User Info: B18Champ

1 month ago#4
Get off your couch and drive to the theater to see the movie the way it was meant to be seen

User Info: DUKLegend

1 month ago#5
A lot of people enjoy it for the social experience. People like busy.

User Info: Kisai

1 month ago#6

User Info: Tequilawhatitdo

1 month ago#7
brimicbed posted...
But were you actually paying $30 for same day VOD releases or just pirating?

I love the opening weekend VOD rentals. I’ll spend $20 for a rental and $30 to own the digital. I know a lot don’t, though.
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User Info: max9275i3

1 month ago#8
@DrYuya then what the f*** are you doing on a board called Movies: At The Theater? Why dont you take your social anxiety and s***ty attitude over to Movie: Home Media. There’s more than enough whining on this board as it is

User Info: KManX89

1 month ago#9
Kisai posted...

TSS and Reminiscence is why. If I’d have told you a Hugh Jackman-led sci-if film with Rebecca Ferguson would open to a walloping $2mil in its entire OW, even during the pandemic, you’d have laughed in my face, but that’s exactly what happened.

Granted, it wouldn’t have done great regardless (mainly because it’s not a great movie), but $2 mil OW without simultaneous streaming releases? I don’t think so.
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User Info: Angelblade

1 month ago#10
Because even if you have a 120 inch screen at home with 7.1 surround, it’s nothing compared to the experience of IMAX and overpriced popcorn.

And as a studio you get to double dip.
Do you just VOD and stream and miss out on those ticket sales? Or get those sales first and then get them to pay for VOD?
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  3. Having to wait to see Shang Chi/ James Bond in VOD in 2021 is silly
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