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User Info: pionear

1 month ago#1

Think it will be a good fit?

User Info: brimicbed

1 month ago#2
Considering how big Nolan is on theatrical releases, I doubt this happens.

User Info: Leonheart10587

1 month ago#3
Never going to happen. He’ll go to Paramount or Universal before anyone, and if he can’t get funding, he’ll retire before going to Netflix.

User Info: Johnny Blaque

Johnny Blaque
1 month ago#4
I honestly could see it. Netflix has done theatrical releases before. Nolan wants a theatrical premiere and run, Netflix would easily acquiesce to like a 2 or 3 month run before going to Netflix. Amazon would give him a long theatrical run and even a home video release. There is a lot of places that would take a Nolan film. I'd even see him going with A24 maybe if he doesn't need a 200m budget.

User Info: KittyBillionair

1 month ago#5
Question is will his next film also be incoherent nonsensical drivel? Or will he go on to ruin more superheroes, by ruining their characters as well, and grounding the story and grandeur of superheroes like he did with those awful Batman flicks?
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User Info: zonizukaz

1 month ago#6
Christopher Nolan seems to be all about the theater experience, increasing amounts of IMAX shots, sound design.... so no, I don't think it's a good fit

User Info: YoshiMitsurugi

1 month ago#7
Money money money. Lol at so called artists talking s*** then cashing checks hand over fist. Steven Spielberg talked trash on Netflix now he has a deal. It's gonna happen and it will be garbage if Tenet is the expectation.
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