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  3. Do you think Mission Impossible films is better than MCU and Fast & Furious?

User Info: assemblesquad

1 month ago#1
Is Mission Impossible superior to MCU and F&F films? - Results (76 votes)
36.84% (28 votes)
Not really. Both M: I and MCU is probably better than F&F
50% (38 votes)
Nah I like them all
13.16% (10 votes)
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Comment what you think this franchise is better than both of them?

User Info: sano83

1 month ago#2
They are certainly better than the Fast and the Furious, but the best Mission Impossible is about as good as your average Marvel Cinematic Universe.

User Info: dancing_cactuar

1 month ago#3
With the exception of 2, without question.
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User Info: PurpleOutsider

1 month ago#4
I have nothing against the MI movies, I like them just fine. They're just not as re-watchable as the MCU movies are.
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User Info: Bobsy84

1 month ago#5
Nothing but respect and admiration for MI. It’s basically the American Bond franchise and TC has outlasted two Bonds now and going strong. Not only that but the films are getting better and better and imo have even outdone the recent Bond offerings as fun spy action thrillers.

Marvel had Infinite War and Endgame which I really enjoyed but don’t rate any of the solo stuff anywhere near as high, well made movies but the action scenes are just cgi fluff imo. Fun but forgettable films.

Fast and Furious is basically a live action cartoon now, lost any sense of threat, laws of physics don’t apply, characters just randomly come back from the dead. All the action scenes look way too fake for my liking.

User Info: Marikina

1 month ago#6
IMO the MI didn't get that good until McQuarrie took over, and MCU's best easily stands up to Rogue Nation and Fallout.

User Info: pionear

1 month ago#7

User Info: Darknessx9

1 month ago#8
Best MI film are almost on par with best MCU films.

Fast And Furious are good, but just enterteinment.
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User Info: WhitGameR44

1 month ago#9
MCU have had better moments IMO than MI, so I put them ahead by a bit.

I find the Fast & Furious movies to be utter garbage, so they aren't even in the conversation.
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User Info: CreekCo

1 month ago#10
Fallout was actually as good as Civil War, imo. I'd go so far to say it's one of the best films Cruise ever made and he's been in classics.
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